So, about a year ago I came up with this thing for spelljammers in DW.

So, about a year ago I came up with this thing for spelljammers in DW.

So, about a year ago I came up with this thing for spelljammers in DW. It’s a little bit playbook, a little bit steading. Anyhow, it was requested that I share it. See below:

Jammer: __________

Crew’s Alignment:

Good: When another planet or jammer’s problem is solved, the jammer marks XP.

Neutral: When a new planet is reached and goods are exchanged, the jammer marks XP.

Evil: When a jammer or planet is plundered, the jammer marks XP.


Illithid: The jammer has tenticals which can snare other vessels

Thrikreen: The jammer has mandibles that can sever parts of other ships

Dwarven: The jammer is entirely encased in an asteroid

Elfish: The jammer’s complex sails and rigging make it exceedingly maneuverable

Scro: The jammer is cobbled together from parts and can accept parts from other ships

Human: The jammer is built on the pack of a being of enormous proportions, describe it

Tinker Gnomes: The jammer has parts that can transform mechanically

Look (pick on from each):

Built for speed, build for capacity, or built for defense.

Decorative trappings, utilitarian trappings, or no trappings.

Abundant crew, normal crew, or skeleton crew

Mechanical, magical, or biological

Cargo (pick one from each):

Full rations or full envelope

Passengers or cargo

Arms or armor

Charter or letter of marque

Envelope: _____ (max 2)

XP: ___

Level: ____


Fill in the name of a soul on this jammer in at least one space.

________ is an officer on the jammer.

________ knows the secret places where things are stored

________ has the captain’s ear

________ is shunned by the crew

Jammer Moves

When a jammer undertakes a perilous journey, roll+envelope expended. On a 10+, the jammer avoids hardship in the wild space and reaches its destination. On a 7-9, it reaches its destination but the GM chooses one:

-The jammer runs out of rations

-The jammer runs out of envelope

-The jammer is in need of repair (take -1 forward until it is fixed)

-The jammer has been followed to its destination

When a jammer leaves a planet with a suitable atmosphere, it refills its envelope to max.

End of Session

When you reach the end of a session, check to see if one of the jammer’s bonds has played a key

role in the fiction or been resolved (completely explored, no longer relevant, or otherwise). Ask the

player of the character that it has the bond with if they agree. If they do, the jammer marks XP and

writes a new bond with whomever the players and GM wish.

Once bonds have been updated, answer these three questions as a group:

• Did we learn something new and important about a planet or jammer?

• Did we encounter a notable monster or enemy?

• Did we bring a memorable treasure aboard the jammer?

For each “yes” answer, the jammer marks XP.

Level Up

The jammer gains a level by expending 5+LVL XP. When it does, it gains an advanced move and

increases its max envelope by 1.

Advanced Moves:


When you take this move, each of you are promoted to being a ranking ship’s officer. The party now controls where the jammer goes and what the jammer does.


The jammer gains a retinue of marines adept at executing and repelling boarding actions.

Research Vessel

Each time the jammer gains a level, it also gains an scholar, list their expertise.

Reinforced Hold

The jammer gains an extra hold, specially suited to contain something. Describe what it was build to contain.

Flow Control

Each time the jammer gains a level, it can travel to a new crystal sphere.

Nooks & Crannies

Jammers are enormous and ancient things, there are always forgotten, unexplored areas aboard.


Other vessels may enter the jammer’s command.

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