17 thoughts on “Any early morning gamers wanna get in a game?”

  1. Indeed it was. I shall add you gents, and feel free to ping me for DW games. Y’all are also welcome to come play in the DCC Barrowmaze o’ Doom or upon the Dying Aereth. 🙂

  2. So today I killed off my first player character in Dungeon World…maybe ever. While I don’t know how he felt about it, he took it like a champion and it seemed to fit well into the narrative.

    I had a great time. Props to James Bennett who took the bullet to let liches roam free on the earth, James Savko who proved that one can take care of a child while in Frost Wurm form, and Giovanni Lanza who doesn’t take guff from Arachnoliches.

    Thanks again guys

  3. It was awesome, Matt Smith . The consequences arose naturally from our actions, and when left with only a few options and the pressure of a collapsing liche palace…decisions were made. It felt like a very fulfilling mini adventure.

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