First time GMing (ever) and first time playing #DungeonWorld last night.

First time GMing (ever) and first time playing #DungeonWorld last night.

First time GMing (ever) and first time playing #DungeonWorld last night.  My group is used to Rune Quest 2, so the *World system put them well outside their comfort zone.  I got mixed reviews (mostly I think my GMing skills leave a lot to be desired…).  I just started getting into it and really feeling the flow of the fiction when we had to stop due to time.  Can’t wait until next time, where I’ll be better prepared and will have had time to learn from my mistakes.  

I think I rolled a 6- this time…

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  1. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone as far as I can tell. DW and AW are games that are difficult to GM at first because they are so different.

    You will probably learn it quickly. Reread the principles, rely on asking questions when you need answers. That’s what pulled me through in the end. That’s what got me through the hassle.

    My first two games were terrible 🙂

  2. Kasper Brohus Thanks for the encouragement!  I still massively enjoyed it and will definitely be forcing more Dungeon World on my group.  I’ll be writing up the actual play (more for my own records – I find I learn better when I write stuff down).  I’ll post it here when it’s done.

  3. I fully agree with Kasper Brohus .

    Don’t prepare too much…

    At min just write down a few open questions you’d like to get answered during game time.

    At max, prepare a front with it’s 2-3 dangers, the general locale you play in (i.e. the hills of wrath), 1-2 casts and 1 side danger (just in case your players don’t give à sh… to your front). With that much, you can handle anything.

    Only prepare what you enjoy to. The rest, you won’t use!

    And don’t forget: start from the fiction and get back to it.

  4. I would like to add that “forcing more Dungeon World” or any game really, on your players is likely to not go well. Talk to them, see what they are interested in, see if those interests line up with Dungeon World and then enjoy.

    There are some gammers who still think this is a wargame. I don’t know if they can be converted. It’s like forcing a Mac on a PC guy…doesn’t go well, I tried 🙂

  5. Something that really helped me early on is just making lists and lists of custom moves. Crazy stuff I didn’t even know if I’d ever use, like “When you try to convince the lizardmen that you are not a meal, roll +cha.” Is this the same as defy danger? Yes. But it also gives you a pre-cooked list of ideas and ways to shape the fiction as the players act. Combine this with a good dungeon starter, and the game practically runs itself!

  6. I wouldn’t say you rolled a 6-, sounds like at least a 7-9 to me! A partial success! You ran the game and realized where you could improve. Running a new system is hard and everyone will make some mistakes, no one is perfect. Just stick with it, I’m sure you did much better than you think!

  7. Wow! Thanks for the response. Got halfway through my actual play writeup over lunch, but had to stop due to time. Thanks Sorcerer Blob : 6- was in reference to the gaining experience part, rather than the failure part 🙂

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