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  1. Here is a link to the Google Doc where I am working on “A Starship Lit Only By Fire” a setting for DW.  There’s not a huge amount of stuff yet, but feel free to look it over and comment.

  2. That looks good but for a game that is a lot of prep for a first session. You may want to scale it back a bit or use it sparingly as a bag of stuff to use when stumped. Make sure the player get a chance to answer some questions vs established facts. I like the dungeon starters where there are questions vs descriptions of stuff – yes as a gm you can put what you think is cool in there from a perspective implied in the questions.

  3. Thanks for the feedback.  I think this is a good discussion to have. With the default setting of Dungeon World this is a little easier.  You essentially consult your Tolkien/D&D Hivemind.

    My intentions are to create the bare bones of a setting.  A few pages that set up the concept (and basic mechanics) of a drifting colony ship, the races and the basics themes and tones of the setting.

    For example – “There is a pantheon of gods worshipped throughout the civilized lands.  They are fickle and selfish, but only the foolish or the insane choose to spite them.”

    I try to set up that the gods are “greek” in tone, but I don’t set up specific deities.

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