So adventuring gear.

So adventuring gear.

So adventuring gear… Is it just a magic bag of what ever. The player can pull out anything they choose (that would normally be in a backpack) up to five times? My players had a long hole they weren’t supposed to get out of, but one of the players used all five uses to get 5, 20 foot lengths of rope, it was pretty funny. 

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  1. I employ the “don’t be a dick” rule at my table. Which is to say, my players understand I am pretty flexible about most things in the game so long as they are being reasonable with their expectations. It works well for us. 

    As for the rope example, I would have probably just counted that as two uses. One use for the rope and another use for the great length of it. It’s an abstraction, after all, and it’s way more fun for my players to be able to do that and still have some things left in their pack as opposed to using up all their stuff just to escape the hole. 

  2. No magic, but yes, that is totally valid.

    “I brought rope!” “Me too!” “Me too!” “Wow, guys, we are so smart.”


    “Does anyone have a torch?”

    “No.” “Nope” “No, I used up my gear on the rope.”

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