9 thoughts on “Anyone know when the print version of the book will be back in stock?”

  1. 1-3 months. We have to figure out distribution so the new copies can go straight to Alliance and IPR. Once we have the final contracts signed, we’ll start the print run, which will have a 1-2 turn around. Then shipping time to the distributors, and time from the distributors to stores.

  2. You guys are shipping to Alliance? That’s great news for my friend who owns a gaming store. Christopher Grau Craig Hatler and myself have been running take-all-comers Dungeon World in his store and now my friend can monetize that.

  3. Tim Jensen PoD is convenient but after some very exhaustive researching, we just didn’t want to go that route due to quality.  The print version of DW has always been intended as an artifact – something special.  We wanted to make it as high-quality as we could, and that required a traditional batch-printed approach.  

    Unfortunately, that does tend to complicate the process, but more copies are on the way!

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