7 thoughts on “I did just put together a Longarm Skirmisher base class for my local group.”

  1. Looks good, I like it. A couple of things: Shouldn’t the base weapons have the dangerous tag? I mean, you are dealing with explosives. Also, typically, there’s a 2-5 move before Bloodletter that lets you deal +1d4 damage.

  2. Yeah… +dangerous is a good call. As far as the +1d4 damage, I decided just to let them jump to +1d8… didn’t want too many options in the 2-5 range. But I’ll keep that in mind.

  3. I have updated the PDF with the dangerous tag and got rid of the STRIDER Advanced Move and replaced it with STEADY HANDS, which removes the Dangerous tag. Thanks, Giovanni Lanza 

  4. I’ve made some pretty substantial revisions to the class after a bit more play and talk with the player who I made the class for.

    The Google Doc link is always current.

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