I was trying to figure out how to do a Wand of Wonder in Dungeon World.

I was trying to figure out how to do a Wand of Wonder in Dungeon World.

I was trying to figure out how to do a Wand of Wonder in Dungeon World. I suppose I could simply grab the table and translate that.


Wand of Wonder

When you aim the wand of wonder and unleash its magic, choose something from the list:

  – Summon something

  – Transform something

  – Blast something

Then roll. On a hit tell the GM more about what you just did. If you:

  – Summoned something, its friendly towards you

  – Transformed something, its permanent

  – Blast something, it takes 1d10 damage

On a 7-9, that and pick one and the GM will tell you more:

  – Its out of place

  – It has unforseen side effects

  – It is significantly weaker

On a 6-, what have you unleashed?!? The GM will tell you.

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  1. I’d make a d6 table. 2 of the effects would be bad for whatever you were pointing it at, 2 would be good for whatever you were pointing at, 1 would be good and bad, 1 would be neither. Whenever the player used it, roll, and the rolled result happens, then replace that result with something similarly-valued (good bad both neither) but different in specifics.

    Or just break out my encyclopedia magica and just use one of my d1000 tables, yeah.

  2. On a hit, the Wand does something Wonderful. On a 10+, you choose. On a 7-9, the DM chooses. On a miss, the DM chooses a more troublesome effect.

  3. Here’s my version, from the little Wild Magic supplement I did a while back.

    Wand of What-Are-You-Doing?!

    “Oh gods, no.  Not that thing again.”

    When this wand is discovered, it contains 4 charges.  No more, no less.  Each use consumes a charge and when it is depleted, this thing mercifully disappears, recharges itself and is ready to be found by some other idiot willing to wave it.

    When you wield the Wand of What-Are-You-Doing?!, roll + CHA.  On a 10+ hold 2, on a 7-9 hold 1. Then roll 2d6 and consult the following table.  You may use your hold, 1-for-1 to add to or subtract from your roll up or down. The GM will give you the specific details.

    2. Time slows down for the target for a handful of moments – each minute that passes is like an hour for them.

    3. A powerful gust of wind blasts out of the wand, strong enough to knock down a hut, maybe.

    4. The weather changes suddenly and unreasonably.  Think snowstorms, hurricanes, etc.  This lasts as long as it might normally.  Indoors or outdoors, the effect is the same.

    5. A random, natural animal appears – it is one that could survive naturally (no sharks in the desert) and its demeanor is generally somewhere between confused and enraged.

    6. A stream of a thousand thousand winged insects (locusts, butterflies, etc) emerges from the wand, swirling around the target and the local vicinity.

    7. A sphere of perfect darkness appears spontaneously.  It is about the size of a tavern and will last a hundred years.

    8. The target and the wielder exchange sizes, with one growing or shrinking to the size of the other and vice versa.  This is permanent.

    9. The target and caster swap races and alignments.

    10. A torrent of 200 coins spills forth from the end of the wand at an alarming velocity.  They are miscellaneous coins minted in no familiar kingdom and do 1d10 damage to anyone the wand was pointing at at the time.

    11.  The wand transmutes into some other random object.  A sword, a fish, a turnip, etc.  It remains in this form even once it runs out of charges and disappears.  Who knows what it was originally?

    12. A ball of fire, blast of lightning, spray of powerful acid, etc erupts from the end of the wand, affecting everything in a cone of about 90’ in front of the wielder. 

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