So I’m hoping some of the creative types on here can help me out.

So I’m hoping some of the creative types on here can help me out.

So I’m hoping some of the creative types on here can help me out. I’ve only run 1 session of DW so far but I really enjoyed it and I’m preparing to convert some material from other systems to DW. In doing so, I came across a type of scenario that is common and pretty easily adjudicated in other systems but seems a bit out of place in DW, so I’m wondering how one might handle it. In this specific case, a magical spell is cast upon an entire village. In this adventure, it requires saving throws to be made. If they are failed, the characters fall asleep. If they succeed, they are only slowed, but not asleep. But they don’t notice it right away. How would one handle this type of group effect/save in DW? I could remove it, but I really like it and it make other parts of the plots make sense (foreshadowing). I think there’s probably a perfectly good option in DW, I’m just not coming up with it. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sounds like a custom move, which are great for conversions Maybe something like:

    When you enter the village and resist the spell of sleep, roll +WIS. On a 10+, you’re ok. On a 7-9, you are slowed, take 1 ongoing until you leave the village. On a 6, you succumb to magical slumber.

  2. Thanks Travis, that will work perfectly. I like the take -1 ongoing part too! I think I just need to get more used to the idea of writing custom moves. Thanks everyone!

  3. The 10+ doesn’ t sound like a lot of fun.  Didn’t you say they’re slowed even if they make their saves?  How about this custom move?

    When you spend a few hours in the cursed village, roll +WIS.  *On a 10+, you are slowed.  Anyone else who is slowed (other PCs) will seem to be at the same speed as you, with the rest of the world moving twice as fast.  -1 ongoing. *On a 7-9, you begin to yawn regardless of what time of day it is.  You will have a strong desire to seek a bed to rest in.

  4. That’s true, Joel! With custom moves, you set the dials and season to your taste. My approach is to almost always let 10 or better be an unqualified success, unless I really need to impress on people that things are truly bad news bears. A -1 ongoing is a pretty harsh penalty in DW as it is, and I find converting stuff from other games often means being a bit less harsh. So, not disputing one bit, just explaining my rationale.

    That said, I agree that 10+ equals nothing happens is a bit of a missed opportunity. You could add a kicker in there if you wanted, like “and you take +1 forward because the wizard is arrogant and didn’t hide stuff in town because he thought his spell was perfect, or “but you suffer from fitful rest and bad dreams if you sleep inside the village.” Custom moves let you set the tone at the table as much as they are for interacting with the fiction.

  5. That’s great too Joel. I like the extra gradient, turning it from a binary (sleep or slowed) into a 3 option solution and introducing a bit more flavor for the fiction (yawning, looking to find a bed) in keeping with DW resolution. Thanks!

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