14 thoughts on “For those of you who want to watch at home…”

  1. Misha Polonsky I’m sure I’ll run a few more one-shots before the summer is over. I’m not as busy at work as I could be. I’d love to run a game for you.

  2. Brennen Reece Sweet – and, you know, vice versa. I’m getting my initial GMing experience through a PbP I’m running at the moment (two actually – Dungeon World and Dungeon Planet). But yeah, I’ll keep a lot for any posts.

  3. I’m having lunch and watching the video right now! Brennen Reece with the paper blocks and the map behind you, it looks as if your are lying down on the table…or there’s no gravity in your room and everything (including you) it’s just right under the ceiling!

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