My Assassin class is finally finished and playbook’d up. It’s a mix of normal being-a-hitman and shadow magic moves. The original inspiration was Dishonored, but I ended up taking it in some slightly different directions as well.

Please download it because Google Docs hates PDF fonts, and enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Bam:”

  1. This is really cool!  Adumbrated weapon and Heartseeker are particular favorites.  Kinda fits the old “Nightblade” bit from Daggerfall overall; I like it.

  2. Anyone who’s already downloaded it: I made another small change to the playbook, changing Thieves’ Highway’s trigger to “when you use the city’s secret paths” to make it more permissive (use the sewers or crummy alleyways if you want, too!).

    Unless I get a sudden bolt of inspiration and find a better way to phrase the Riches drive, that should be the absolute final change. Sorry!

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