5 thoughts on “Got it today, and felt the insane urge to share it!”

  1. Woho! 

    Mouse Guard 🙂 Have i ever told you guys how much i love Mouse Guard? It’s an amazing system – you will have a great time with it. 

  2. My friends will hate me! Years ago we started together playing D&D, but after sometimes I got tired and totally quit playing.

    About two years ago I stumbled on Apocalypse World and persuaded my friends to try it, and they had a real blast!

    Since then, I have (successfully) proposed many different games.

    What can I do, I’m eager to discover new games!

  3. I’ve been collecting lots of different games, and making my play group play them. Recently they have mutinied and we’ve started playing what will be a long campaign of 13th age.

    Of the games we tried “TechNoir” and “Don’t Rest Your Head” were some of the most popular.

  4. Seth, yestarday I learned about Technoire thanks to Andrew Medeiros and it seems a pretty cool game, even if I have read only the player’s guide.

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