About the GMs role in Treasure

About the GMs role in Treasure

About the GMs role in Treasure 

Getting teh phat lootz is a stable and cool part of dungeon exploration games (nowadays) and in DW you eve get XP for doing it! 

On the other hand, tresaure is mostly a thing the GM  puts somewhere to be found. It’s not the GMs job to give people items, coins and magic. 

The GM has to 

��Portray a fantastic world

Fill the characters’ lives with adventure ��

Play to find out what happens

Of course, tresaure is part of a adventures and of fantastic worlds but it’s not necessary. The players should haggle to get coins when they accept a “quest” and should keep an eye out for treasure (there is even a specific move for that) BUT it’s still mostly up to the GM. 

How do you handle this in your game?  

13 thoughts on “About the GMs role in Treasure”

  1. Now they have a gem. It’s worth as much as someone is willing or able to pay for it. Who has 1000 gold cash? So it’s basically a portable favour.

  2. 800 slaves and a horse! 😀

    Seriously though, that kind of cash would be retirement money, which should be any adventurers dream. Buy a huge piece of land, pay farmers 10 coin a week to plow and sow for you.

  3. The problem with coin is that it’s only useful to the player as long as the character doesn’t have enough to retire. I don’t want the “Christmas tree” effect to be brought back to life by introducing “magic item shops”, but I also want coin to be a motivator in my games.

  4. I like making up mysterious items of unclear use on the spot instead of just doling out coins.

    It’s a great excuse to get the players to roll a spout lore, and the vague purpose means players can later try and use the item to solve a problem with some creative thinking. Getting players to act on partial knowledge is a great golden opportunity!

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