Dungeonworld Session #2

Dungeonworld Session #2

Dungeonworld Session #2

Recap: Session 1: https://plus.google.com/110706667354365952462/posts/2hQAG2Rzi8d

The adventurers were tasked by the great Baron Steuben Von Offerdahl IV to retrieve a stolen item of his from the arch mage Magdor who resides near the remote village of Frontier.

As the party made their way down the long road Jonas, acting as scout, could see a cart toppled over lying on the road some distance ahead. Fearing danger ahead, swayed by Lily the Bard, the party decides to take the unbeaten path towards Fallen Wood – a forest that has a reputation for Orc movements and the presence of elves. 

Before entering Fallen Wood the party decides to make camp in a clear, high-grass, glade. As night falls upon the world, and darkness envelops the light, a sound comes closer to the party. Suddenly they’re under attack by a small group of large boars! It could have been the smell of food that lured the beasts into their settlement, but they came across a mystery.

As Jonas dresses one of the 3 large boars he comes across something very hard embedded in the head of one of the beasts. It appears shiny, red, almost a faint glow in the coming light of the dawn. It’s also faceted. A ruby? Perhaps, but not one that the party has ever seen. It’s almost the size of a human’s fist! By the gods! Upon removing the stone from the animal’s skull it appears less appealing. The radiance seems to diminish. And the gem is only found in one of the beasts. Is it truly a ruby, or is it some other stone? How did it find itself in the skull of a boar? Are there other animals that may possess such treasures?

The sun breaks the tranquility of night and the party moves forward into Fallen Wood where they are ambushed by a group of orcses. A glorious, fast-paced, battle ensues. The party eventually dispatches them. 

The battle with the orcs was fun. (even the boar fight was fun) Lots of things going on. Certainly have to ensure everyone was on the same page, painting the picture of what was going on, where everyone was and how everyone’s actions impacted others. 

I did whip up one adventure front, it was ok. The grim portents tend to span more than just the orc encounter, but that’s ok. Some of them will come into play in the near future. I have to do up some more fronts, to include Campaign & Adventure Fronts. 

 I do have some ideas brewing and winging it a bit is something I’m totally good with.