5 thoughts on “Anyone have any ideas for Lich moves?”

  1. “Puppet Master” – Take momentary control of a character or monster and turn an attack to a different target of your choice, doing +1 damage. A PC must roll+WIS to defy danger if they are the target.

  2. Mix Krusty Wightbred ‘s concept with Erich Lichnock ‘s and you get a Lich that uses “You haven’t seen the last of me!” to disappear into a small item of emotional significance to one of the characters.  Now there’s a surprise I wouldn’t want to wake up to in the middle of a dark forest!

  3. Got to do something with those Trapped Souls.

    Spend Soul: A lich can spend a trapped soul in place of any hold they currently have. Once spent the soul is destroyed and lost forever. The lich can not spend a soul if they have no holds to spend.

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