Hello everyone

Hello everyone

Hello everyone,

I’m running a DW PbP game on GotEXP – http://www.gotexp.com/d20 (a forum-based PbP site) that’s about to start and it has room for 1-3 more players.

Richard Robertson is playing – as are two other players on the forum site.

So far, we have a Quarterling (that’s half a halfling) Thief, a Human Figher, and a Human Mage. 

The PCs have met at an inn atop a mountain pass and are offered a job by a group of sellswords escorting a hedge wizard prisoner: finish escorting the prisoner north for them. They offer coin up front and the rest of what they’d get paid after they reach the northern city.

The game hasn’t started yet and is still in the discussion phase, so there’s still room to join in if you’re interested and like PbP games.

We’re looking at a posting commitment of at least one post every three days.

One of the players, unfortunately, can only post once a week, so if you can’t post often – there’s an option for, well, two parties essentially.

Anyway, let me know if you’re interested and I’ll guide you through registering onto the site (in other words, I gotta disable the ridiculous CAPTCHA because of our spambot problem and until we change hosts it’s the only solution I have and… blah blah blah… I’ll shut up now.)

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  1. Cool. CAPTCHA’s deactivated if you want to go ahead and register.

    Let me know what your username is so if I’m deleting any spammers that made it on I don’t delete yours by accident.


  2. Awww crap. I wanted to 1) try out Dungeon World and 2) try out a PbP game.

    Anybody’s got room in a PbP game? I’d really love to try out some DW and I’m afraid that, currently, the only way for me to play it is to join one.

  3. Well…………… Ah what the heck, I think I can manage having one more player. Might have to cut it off after though.

    Are you online right now? I’ll lower shields so you can register. Just tell me what user name you use, OK?

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