Greetings, Dungeon Worlders!

Greetings, Dungeon Worlders!

Greetings, Dungeon Worlders! I have an exciting announcement related to Inverse World, which I’ve been working on for a while in conjunction with Brandon Schmelz . Starting on April 29th, the Inverse World kickstarter will go live! You’ll be able to get the full versions of the playbooks we’ve been previewing for the past 6 weeks immediately just by pledging at 10$ or higher, and when the book is completely put together, you will also receive the full pdf, with all of the setting information, new magic items, monsters, hazards, moves, and the playbooks we’ve been previewing so far.

We’ve started to put the book together, and it will publish no matter how this kickstarter goes down, but we really want this book to look gorgeous. This kickstarter will be to fund artwork for the book, so the unique setting we’ve developed can really shine. Look forward to it!

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  1. Brandon Schmelz has already made several posts about Inverse World, but I can definitely say more about it.

    Inverse World is a unique setting that is easiest to envision as the inside of a hollow planet. The “core” of the planet is an imprisoned god, who provides light and rain throughout the world. Floating islands orbit this core, and the top of the world is a layer of earth and stone, that reaches up deeper than anyone knows.

    One of the main goals of the book is to make your fantasy gaming more fantastic and unusual. Dungeon World is a fantastic system, but all the core rules lead you to quickly assume a default fantasy world, with elves and dwarves and orcs. The Inverse World playbooks are designed to help buck that expectation, by doing things like remove Alignment as a concept, make your Race option completely open ended, and theming the playbooks themselves around fantasy archetypes that are still iconic, but not the standard D&D options.

     I was going to link the preview playbooks, but Brandon beat me to it in his post just above.

  2. Yep! There will indeed be a physical book. Page count is still to be determined, but we know it will be softcover, fullcolor cover with black and white interior art, is the current plan.

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