I need some ideas.  For some reason when I roll for treasures 9 out of 10 times I roll a 5 “some minor magical…

I need some ideas.  For some reason when I roll for treasures 9 out of 10 times I roll a 5 “some minor magical…

I need some ideas.  For some reason when I roll for treasures 9 out of 10 times I roll a 5 “some minor magical trinket” I have a very hard time coming up with anything worth using.  What are some examples of a minor magical trinket?

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  1. A kitchen knife that cannot be dulled. A smooth rock that constantly generates a single candle’s light. A signet ring that is supernaturally complicated and difficult to falsely reproduce. 

  2. I think I get it.  Something that is magical, but not a deal breaker.  You can live without it, but its super cool. Like say a rope that doesn’t break.

  3. Any magic that would be used to fulfill back office needs would be considered minor.

    A book that, when inscribed with the revenues and expenses of a party, generates useful financial statements.

    An inkwell that, when examined closely, reveals whose quill wrote with the ink.

    A scroll of parchment that has unlimited surface space. You find that if you write queries in valid syntax, the parchment summarizes data, assuming it was inscribed consistently (i.e. in a table).

  4. * A bag or other container that keeps fresh whatever food (or other organic matter) is placed inside.

    * A lantern that emits magical light that only the bearer of the lantern can see.

    * Jewelry that provides a minor glamor that always makes the wearer appear neatly groomed.

    * A ring that prevents normal insects (such as mosquitoes & biting flies) from biting you.

  5. * A chest that produces ice (even in summer!) when water is placed inside and the lid closed.

    * A “mood ring” that really does change color to match your mood.

  6. It occurs to me that items that glow in the presence of danger are actually a subtle curse: if I was sneaking around in a dark cave, I wouldn’t want to advertise my presence.

  7. Magic potato: A potato that you can eat and if you save at least one eye you can plant it when you make camp. In the morning, there will be a whole potato to dig up and eat.

  8. Small Flagon of Mild Inebriation: once a day, can be filled with any non-magical liquid (e.g., swamp water, lamp oil), and turn it into an equal volume of weak, but drinkable, beer. Potions and the blood of unicorns are immune to the flagon’s effects.

  9. An amulet that glows when you wear it whenever there are members of your species nearby. It always glows when you wear it.

    An umbrella made of invisible canvas.

    A pen with ink that cycles through the rainbow.

    A crystal globe that tells you where the sun is in the sky.

    Two pens: when you write with one, the other copies the motion of the first.

  10. A magical lens which will give cooks suggestions on other ingredients that will pair well with the item being inspected. Often prefers obscure fish that most characters will not have heard of before.

  11. The Bards’ Torment: A lute that is perpetually almost in tune. Part of a suite of items that includes a bagpipe which emits a low moaning sound whenever moved and a cursed set of finger and toe cymbals that cannot be removed except under a full moon.

  12. A spoon that makes everything in a 40′ radius appear 3x tastier. Great for use in pubs, hazardous to have in your inventory when carnivorous wild animals are in the area.

  13. Paintbrushes that can create art that moves on touch.

    Mirrored spectacles that give you hindsight.

    A three foot long piece of twine that operates as a spyglass.

    A top hat with a secret compartment.

    A tissue that provides topical analgesic on touch.

  14. A case of countless little wooden blocks that can snap together and can be used to create representative models. The blocks have some magical interface for automatic assembly based on an input, but you don’t know how it works.

  15. An automatic abacus measuring three integers (lat, long, distance from sea level) with beads that cannot be moved by hand. They change based upon the location of the abacus within a five meter tolerance.

  16. A magical flag standard that doesn’t require a bearer, automatically charges ahead at a velocity equivalent to the designated nobleperson.

    A small maroon balloon made from the heartskin of an unknown beast, that can change altitude on command assuming it doesn’t get caught in heavy wind or a thermal.

    A dirty straw hat that, when placed on a person’s head, makes them appear to be a scarecrow.

    A glass bauble that, when rolling, makes a clear tone depending on velocity (higher speeds mean higher pitch).

  17. I’ve been reading The Time Traveler’s Guide to Medieval England, which will explain why I’ve come up with some of these items:

    A chamberpot that doesn’t emit any noxious odors.

    A pendant when worn will allow you to travel to the outhouse without stumbling, falling, or tripping.

    A rock which when passed over a baked good will glow if the item contains rocks or dirt to add to its weight.

    A bag that automatically plucks any chicken that is placed within.

    I own this magic item – A pair of glasses that protects your eyes from the bright light of the sun.

    And I couldn’t help myself but post this one:

    A chainmail bikini that protects the wearer as if they were in a full set of chainmail.

  18. As Seen On TV technology also makes for great minor magical trinkets:

    *A bedroll that operates as an outer garment, allowing one to quickly arise from camp with their modesty intact.

    *A small jar that on touch can perform that tasks of a mortar and pestle.

    *A towel that is supernaturally hydrophobic, and is ideal for use in spot cleaning ornate treasures.

    *A snuff jar containing an astringent compound that, when in contact with water, foams and renders an object sparkling clean in a matter of seconds.

  19. Two identical amulets. When you tap one, the other one vibrates.

    A bottomless flagon. It appears empty, but will always pour out whatever was last poured into it, up to the amount poured in.

    A queen bee preserved alive in amber. If you crack the amber shell, a host of bees swarm out. (link to the elemental plane of bees?)

    A bundle of monkey dry monkey poop that moistens in the air when thrown. (link to the elemental plane of monkey poop?)

  20. I’m started on getting these compiles and put together in a nice document.  There were 114 different Minor Magical Trinkets from 25 different contributors.

    Thanks all, I’ll get this out ASAP

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