I have this idea for an interesting collaborative project.

I have this idea for an interesting collaborative project.

I have this idea for an interesting collaborative project.  I was loosely prepping a DW module, and I kept wondering about how to best design “custom moves” for the dungeon.  The usual problems adventurers face – traps, obstacles, curses, disease, poison and the like.  Sure, one could use the “Defy Danger” basic move in most situations, but I think having a list of handy moves to plug into your game would be great.

Would folks be interested in assembling a join list of “Custom Moves” for situations like these?  

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  1. I like this idea.  Admittedly, some of the appeal of Dungeon World is the simplicity, but defy danger does get used an absurd amount; a bit more variety would be appealing.

  2. Aaron Boyden  I have no trouble with some moves being used more often. Players will make their character do, what they’re good at. Defy Danger is a meant to be a catchall for all the things you simply don’t have a custom move for, and it’s in a sense “stat neutral”.

  3. Of course, I’d much rather have custom moves for some of the classics, such as pit falls, bear traps, dart traps and pendulum axes.

    Some of these would work better though, if the move had the trigger that you actually step in it. I mean, if you can see a bear trap, it’s not that hard to avoid. It can be used offensively though, if you know it’s there. Pick up a goblin and throw it head first at the release plate. Instant decap 😉

  4. I am pretty new to the whole “create your own material” thing, but I do have a set of moves revolving around mountain climbing/climbing vertical walls or surfaces. I would gladly submit them for inclusion.

  5. Aaron Boyden – I figure most DM’s will use a basic move, but if it’s good for the fiction to have a custom move handy for the scenario, it could be fun.  I am particularly found of the “list of choices” and allowing a PC to pick between them.

  6. It would be interesting to have perhaps a set of Example moves for situations. A section of moves for climbing/vertical or mountain or general acrobatics. To a section of moves on anything to do with seafaring. Want to jump to the enemy ship by swinging on rigging, we got a rule for it. If anything, just to give people a starting point. 

    There can be sets on traps, or weather conditions.

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