15 thoughts on “Running my first game now! Monster game!”

  1. Well, that could have gone better I think. I messed up a lot of stuff and I think I was trying to go too fast, but I think the next time I’ll do a little better. I had a lot of trouble coming up with hard moves to do on a -6 (because holy crap almost all their rolls were -6). 

    I’m normally pretty good at being quick on my feet when coming up with things, but I found it really difficult tonight. Just something I’m going to have to work on.

  2. Was this your first DW session as a GM?  At the same time as you were doing this I ran my very first DW session.  That’s cool if we were both having that experience at the same time.  

  3. Yep, Aaron Mehlhaff  very first one! There were some times where I felt a little overwhelmed because of wanting to come up with hard moves that didn’t just deal damage. How about you? How did yours go?

  4. At first it did feel like I was just running D&D.  One of the players actually kindly reminded me of giving partial successes, and as I started to think about that, I got better and better at them.  Still definitely not living up to DW’s full potential, but I’m happy with where I got to.  Yeah, I had a hard time with hard moves, too (I actually didn’t want to hurt the characters!  I didn’t expect that to be my emotion) so I did a lot of impending threats.  It kept the tension up, at least.  

  5. I am normally like that, not wanting to hurt the characters and all, but this time I almost killed a few. I feel like we’ll do better in the next go-around.

    Did your players latch on to the “just tell me what you’re doing and I’ll tell you when you trigger a move” thing? I felt like it was hard to get them in that mindset.

  6. Kirby Bridges I myself had a hard time with that, and have a hard time with not just describing the fiction.  Chuck, there, was the one who was really good at not just saying moves.  And when he would describe his cleric’s actions, I actually felt like I’d rather roll for him and not interrupt his flow of story by having him use the dice (I didn’t do that, but it was an interesting thought-it felt like the GM should roll ALL the dice instead of none)

  7. It’s definitely a different player experience, but one that makes other systems where you describe the mechanics of your intent seem clunky in comparison.

  8. I tried to be more and more ‘cinematic’, bardish, more storyteller than player. Having a companion was both fun and difficult as one had a whole pocket of moves one could add to the fabric of the story.

    But all said, I am not only impressed with this system- I am stunned.

    Aaron, you really made us think, never felt clunky, flowed well, in all- a great story was weaved.

    Until next time, pronto

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