This will sound so superficial, but as a 12 year professional as an art director and graphic designer, we need to…

This will sound so superficial, but as a 12 year professional as an art director and graphic designer, we need to…

This will sound so superficial, but as a 12 year professional as an art director and graphic designer, we need to come up with a “template” and design standard for these compendium classes. I am viewing so many good ones, but don’t feel like putting them on my own design.

First, am I an idiot?

Second, what program should we use if i am not? Just word and find similar enough fonts?

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  1. Definitely use something freely available. Every time I see most templates out there in some restricted format I think “Oh, that’s really nice for you and every other person who has that software and is thus probably already a professional designer.”

  2. I’ve been using Inkscape, which is freely available for download. As for a template for compendium classes, you can use this template I’ve put together:

    Biggest downside to this template is probably just how much blank space it leaves. On the upside, it gives players a scratch sheet to work with, but it’s still a lot of open space. I don’t think there’s a great solution to that, though, considering how little there is to the average compendium class.

  3. That’s what I like the about the Monster Codex on the DW website–it makes your homebrewed monsters look consistent with the entries in the book. We need something similarly simple to use for classes and compendium classes. 

  4. The link above is a great start, though I may look heavier into free fonts that are closer to the Dungeon World ones.

    To the next section, pictures? Should this include pictures? I generally say yes, but as pointed above not everyone has the capability to either create them or insert and again, that just ruins everything for some people.

  5. How hard would it be to put a Compendium Class and Base Class Codex on the Dungeon World Homepage?  That would do the trick.  Also since I’m asking for things…how about a link on the Dungeon World homepage that says in big letters CHARACTER SHEETS…and links me to a pdf of all of the things needed to play.  So far usable character sheets have eluded me on the homepage.

  6. Admittedly, “Bonus Material” wouldn’t be my first guess for where to find character sheets, especially since if you want to actually see them you need to be tricky and click directly on it rather than any of the drop-down options. I concur their location could be more obvious. (Maybe a top-level category called “downloads”?)

  7. Holy Crap…you have to click on Bonus Materials…I always used the drop down box and selected the other stuff under it.  Wow.  It was me and not you after all.  This is why I live in a town of 120 people in the middle of now where…I shouldn’t be let out.

  8. Now before I derailed this…I was serious about putting a Compendium Class and Base Class Codex on the home page.  This just has to be a form right?  That way they would all be in the same format and super easy to browse.

  9. Clicking any of those drop-down options and then using the search box for “character sheets” would also work, but I definitely wouldn’t have found that intuitive, like, searching for character sheets under “monsters” or “items”? What? (“Tools”, almost.)

  10. You don’t have to put yours in the hypothetical codex if you were planning on selling them. Mind you, a ton of excellent free alternatives might hurt your sales, but… I will freely admit I personally can’t feel TOO much sympathy for people in such a plight. (Also, it’s more like a ton of excellent free alternatives and lot of mediocre phoned-in alternatives by people just trying the system out. Not that I have produced monsters like that. Cough. )

  11. Ryan Kruse I think it is a great idea and something as that SVG above should be quite doable and just like the current codex tags added.

    Calling Adam Koebel!

  12. Adam Koebel We, the people (and players) and want a designed codex (see above) for compendium classes as what you guys have with monsters!

    Second, people are complaining about finding the information and pdf’s for the current classes.

    Of course, all up to you of course ….. not like you don’t hear enough suggestions and complaints everyday.

  13. There are plans to expand the codex eventually to contain more stuff – moves and classes and junk. It’s just a case of keeping it as close to zero $ as possible!

    Also, there is a lot of DW content out there that we don’t know about. Because of the license, we can’t really curate DW content beyond what we create and get exposed to as fans.

    Once the barbarian is done, the war supplement is finished and we are ready to look forward, we’ll decide what’s next!

  14. Sorry, I dig new content too, but those teasers of the color images were FUCKING GORGEOUS and I have issues with being patient sometimes.

  15. Oh, I understand as far as release its up to Mr. Wick, but I was more curious if you guys have received anything to review, start on, etc.

    I keep getting those previews with Pathfinder rules and I am eager to see what you guys do with the different classes and archetypes.

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