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  1. Pretty cool. How much blood can a vampire accumulate? +CON is too high, did you mean +CON bonus? What if your CON bonus is -1? I think maybe take it away from stats and say you can get up to +3 blood.

  2. +CON, the three-letter abbreviation, means the modifier not the total stat, as in the book. Your comment on negatives is a good one though. 3 is probably a good number.

  3. One other thing, is vampires will want to drink blood in combat, I think you need a move about that. I kind of think you’d need a 10+ unless your foe was grappled by superhuman strength first, or your foe was otherwise disabled Perhaps on 7-9 you do damage and your target does damage?

  4. I don’t think such a move is necessary. Want to rip your enemy’s throat out with your teeth? Hack and Slash. Want to get close to him so you can drink his blood? Defy Danger.

  5. Does that mean you have to get him down to zero hit points first? Or would you be able to defeat a 40 hit point enemy by drinking two sips of blood?

  6. Fiction first, man. It only works if it makes sense. I probably wouldn’t let a vampire try to drink someone that skilled with a simple Defy Danger. And really, making another move for combat drinking doesn’t solve your problem anyway.

  7. Also: 40 hp (a really improbably number of hit points in this game, but let’s ignore that) doesn’t tell me anything about who the character is fictionally. Is he just really skilled? Then it’s going to take more than move and/or fictional thing happening before you can drink his blood. Is he heavily armored? Not going to be able to use your teeth at all. A lich? No blood. A giant? Yeah, you’re basically a mosquito. The bottom line is, moves don’t trigger unless the fiction triggers them.

  8. There is a move for drinking, just not one for specifically doing it during a fight. I’m not going to make one because I don’t see the need, but if you want to, feel free!

  9. My only comment on this is that “recover from mortal wounds” needs some clarification – presumably you mean it as “don’t die when you’re reduced to 0HP” but it’s not entirely clear (it could mean “when you take lots of damage spend 1 Blood to heal it all”). Plus, do you recover at full health?

    I would honestly take that out of the list and write an entire additional move for what happens when you hit 0HP (you lose all Blood and go into torpor for X days/weeks/whatever unless exposed to a Bane while at 0HP, in which case you die). Price of Immortality sort of mentions this with the “cannot be permanently killed except by a Bane” line, but it could do with being split off.

  10. Death Undying

    When you are reduced to 0 hit points, do not take your Last Breath. Instead, you lose all your remaining Blood and fall into a deep coma. Unless you are exposed to one of your Banes while in this state, you will rise again, fully healed, 2d6 hours later.

    Then just take “Recover from mortal wounds” out of The Dark Gift.

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