One of my players would like for his fighter to become a sort of master tactician or sage warrior.

One of my players would like for his fighter to become a sort of master tactician or sage warrior.

One of my players would like for his fighter to become a sort of master tactician or sage warrior. I’m looking for a compendium class along those lines. Any thoughts? 

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  1. When you prove yourself a master tactician, you may take this move when you next level up.

    Leader of War

    When you settle with your chief lieutenants around the war table, take 3 hold. While you have hold, your scouts will return accurate information about the situation to you. Spend your hold one for one to:

    -Designate a target a key position. If your soldiers take this position your foes will be demoralised.

    -Assemble a guard unit to protect a person, place, or thing. Even if your troops fall, the protected target will remain untaken.

    -Identify a key weakness in an enemy force. When taking advantage of this weakness take +1 forward.

  2. Well, as the player in question, as a sage, be a repository of lore and quips – able to find some edge or angle in the circumstances that allows him to gain an advantage.

    Also the ability to assess weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

    Lots of knowledge about monsters and various foe men.

    The ability to inspire and give or get group bonuses. That would have to be a CHA based thing.

  3. Trey Palmer It sounds like you want something that would work better in an adventuring party environment as opposed to a large-scale military environment. That said, I really like where Aaron Friesen was going with that master tactician thing above. In either case, I will go ahead and suggest a good opening condition: “When you successfully execute your detailed battle plan . . .”

  4. Studying with the Sage Warriors of Shalad-Har gives you much knowldge, When you next level up, you may take the following move.

    Sage Among Warriors

    When Spouting Lore about the weaknesses of your foes, you are a veritable repository of knowledge. If you miss, get the benefit of a 7-9 anyway. After all, you can only know so much.

    You may then add the following to your list of class moves.

    High Scholar of the Monstrous

    When you roll a 7-9 when being a Sage Among Warriors, it counts as a 10+. You know everything there is to know, and only sometimes don’t know immediately how to apply it.

    Riddle of Power

    When you rally those around you with your confusing but obviously wise riddles, roll +CHA. On a 10+, both. On a 7-9, choose 1.

    -Everyone addressed heals 5 hit points. 

    -Everyone but you takes +1 forward.

  5. Aaron Friesen I’m liking it a lot so far! I’m already thinking of ways to work in the Sage Warriors of Shalad-Har.

     The Sage Among Warriors move seems stronger than Heirloom (and similar class moves), but tempered by the fact that it only applies to evaluating the enemy’s weakness. I like the High Scholar move for the same reason. They build on each other nicely.

    Riddle of Power could be a lot of fun. I’ll probably nix the healing aspect (seems out of place). If multiple people get a +1 forward, that may be strong enough for the 10+ result by itself.

  6. Very cool. I like that the Sage Warrior gets to choose the beneficiary on a 7-9. 

    I’ll think on it tonight, and see if I can’t add a move or three to it. We may just have ourselves a nice little compendium class going. Trey Palmer, what do you think? 

  7. The Art of Battle

    When you call out orders to your allies, designate a terrain feature in the area and roll +Wis. On a 10+, hold 3, on a 7-9 hold 1. The GM will detail two or three moves the terrain feature will grant you. You or an ally can spend one of your hold when taking advantage of that feature to use one of those moves, just like that.

    Ex: “Avon! Torres! Get to the balcony! Guess what I’m naming, Ms MC. Aaaaand, that’s an 11. 3 hold. Whaddya got?” “Well, the balcony has some solid cover, so how about the move /avoid a ranged attack/, and it’s pretty high up so it’ll be easy to /leap past your foes/. These goblins are likely to climb up the wall, so a quick jab should /send them to the ground/. Spend it to do it, folks.”

    Really, this is a redesign of the druid’s shapeshifting move, with a bit more specific a venue.

  8. A while ago I was considering a version of “Ritual” that basically let a fighter look at something and ask the GM “How do I kill it?” and the GM would tell you what you would need to get (specific types of weapons, armor, etc), what you might be risking, etc. And if you got those, you could kill it, just like that.

  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. That’s what I love about this community–passionate people with great ideas. We have our next session in a couple of hours. Trey Palmer and I will discuss some of the options tonight. I’ll let you know what we settle on. 

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