40 thoughts on “Adventures on Dungeon Planet: A science fantasy supplement for Dungeon World.”

  1. Vincent Quigley They should send you an email with a note and a link to a download page where the pdf costs zero dollars.

     It should say “A Lulu Thank You” in the subject line.

  2. I’m about 2/3 of the way thru the book so far, and I’m really digging it. 

    It’s neat because Dark Heart of the Dreamer didn’t really “click” for me, but reading thru Dungeon Planet, I’m suddenly seeing a dozen ways I can moosh the two books together.

  3. This looks great. Ordered. I now want to run a hollow earth campaign that incorporates some or all of these elements.

    Also, this has inspired me to download a lot of Edgar Rice Burroughs books and I started reading “The Princess of Mars” last night.

  4. Anyone know how long it takes for Lulu to give up the pdf and send the Thank You e-mail? Nearly a day since I ordered, but haven’t received it. Very excited to read this book ! 

  5. I received my print copy today and it looks great. Not a bad turnaround considering I ordered it on Saturday.

    As to how long the pdf takes to be sent, i got my download link for the bonus pdf copy the same day as when I ordered ( Mar 30th).

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