Question about p218 in the section Updating the campaign map under Opportunity heading (my bold):

When a steading has enmity against a weaker steading they may attack. Subtract the distance (in rations) between the steadings from the steading with enmity’s defenses. If the result is greater than the other steading’s defenses +defense for each step of size difference (village to town, town to keep, keep to city) they definitely attack. 

Looking at the text i bolded above, I don’t understand when the +defense is applied or to who.

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  1. Here’s a worked example from my understanding of your formula.

    Apex is a Keep with enmity for Bottom, a village. They are 2 rations apart. Say Apex has Defense 3 and Bottom Defense 2.

    Input these into your formula:

    : (steading_a.defenses – distance) > (steading_b.defenses + (steading_b.defenses – steading_a.defenses)

    : 3–2 > 2+(2–3)

    : 1 > 1

    So Apex doesn’t definitely attack Bottom.

    Is this what you meant?

  2. Screwed up my own formula:

    If (steading_a.defenses – distance)+(steading_a.size_advantage > (steading_b.defenses + (steading_b.size_advantge): attack.

    Basically, the difference in size counts towards the difference in defenses.

    Apex’s defenses – distance > Bottom’s defenses 

    3 – 2 > 2

    But Apex is two steps larger, so it gets an extra + 2.

    3 – 2 + 2 > 2

    3 > 2

    So, despite the distance, since Apex is larger it attacks.

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