This is amazing.

This is amazing.

This is amazing.  I printed these out and assembled these booklets last night.  I can’t believe I’ve been running DW without this.  All of the important items you need to look-up (minus the monsters) are contained in a handy stapled booklet.  It includes:

+  COMPLETE tag reference…OMG so handy!

+  Equipment costs and stats (including weapons and armor)

+  GM Principles and Moves

+  Monster generation rules

+  4 Front record sheets

+  Copious space for campaign notes

+  100 Knacks and 100 Characteristics for NPCs

Do not run DW without this!  All for the low-low price of FREE!  🙂  +Michael Wright, you are a genius.

Originally shared by Gremlin Legions (Michael Wight)

More custom-made DungeonWorld stuff!

This is the updated version of my DW GM reference, now as a half-sheet sized booklet!

Here’s the 1up pages:

And here’s the booklet spreads:

I hope they are useful (and legible) to everyone.

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  1. Last night after filling out one of the Front sheets, I realized I needed a Goblin King and a Goliath Thane.  Generated them right there and then recorded them in the campaign notes.  Writing adventures has never been so easy, and now I suspect running them will be just as easy.

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