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  1. Now that you mention it, the rules are totally missing any mention of thieves’ tools, aren’t they?  I’ve just been assuming the thief started with some, and if circumstances came up where he was parted from his stuff, I’d make him find some shady vendor to buy replacements from.  Probably 10 coins. 

    But your version offers +1 to the roll.  I’m reluctant in many cases to offer items +1 as treasures, or stuff you can buy, but hm.  It can suck sometimes when a locked door blocks the adventure, but on the other hand, dungeoneering is about not letting yourself get stopped by things like that.  Is it worth charging the thief a lock-pick tax for a bonus?  I think I’m still inclined to no. If the characters are buying gear, I try to have it either be specific and interesting in its own right, or else lumped in to “adventuring gear”.

  2. Bag of Books is an interesting counterexample.  The mechanic probably works just fine, so it’s probably more a question of whether the Thief player likes the idea of paying for and keeping track of master tools, oils, powders, and what have you.  Some players are more into that than others. 

    Books have the interesting feature that Spout Lore rolls often result in bringing new backstory into the game;  is there some similar way to use the expendable bonus from your +1 tools to make the lockpicking roll more interesting or exciting?

  3. I almost want to say thieves tools should be a requirement to trigger pick locks etc, not give a bonus.  Though, maybe if they are expensive, that might make me happy.  I suppose as a hook, too.  Get caught with said tools, go to gaol.  Buying them could be an adventure in itself.  Remember, +1 is huge.  If your Thief gets tools for +1 can my Fighter have a +1 sword?  Yes, I know about bag of books.  Why do they throw away the books after they use them?  And why is it DEX to spot a trap?  Okay, I’ll shuddup now. 

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