Do you guys know what i really would like to see?

Do you guys know what i really would like to see?

Do you guys know what i really would like to see? 


The Spell list right now has really cool stuff (especially on the Cleric) but could use way more options in my opinion. 

Is anyone working on this right now? 

New War Spells in the War expansion?

14 thoughts on “Do you guys know what i really would like to see?”

  1. If you’re really desperate, just crib straight from any edition of D&D. Spells are already conveniently leveled 1-9 for you. Most require minor editing at most (outside of damage, but you’ve already got combat spells for each level, right?). Boom! Hundreds of spells, from Glitterdust to Time Stop.

  2. Ben Wray on one hand yes BUT it feels strange too. I don’t really know if Spells in DW are the exact same level as in DnD and what spells would surely be in the wrong level. 

  3. Some of the “core” spells also seem to me much more like rituals then “simple spells” Things like Contact Other Plane or Soul Gem. I would like to have more utillity spells. The Wizard right now is really limited in his spontanous tools.

    There is allways ritual (and i love it) but…

  4. Bernd Pressler, I figure players choose to play casters because they want versatility, and it’s good to offer what they want as a reward.  They can’t memorize everything anyway.

  5. colin roald I get that part, but you gotta leave all characters enough room.

    What annoys me is that casters get this special treatment and the others don’t. 🙂

    In DW it might hurt less than in other games.

  6. Bernd Pressler Wizards in DW only know a limited amount of spells. A 3.5 Tier 1 dominance of casters won’t happen in DW i think.

    Ritual is still maybe the strongest move in the game but the GM has full controll of it (more or less)

  7. I love the DW rituals, because the DM tells you what is needed. Which at the same time limits rituals somewhat, provides hooks for more adventure, and makes rituals way more believable.

    A total win.

  8. Tim Franzke what Ben Wray says is pretty legit, most if not all of the DW spells are converted D&D spells, sometimes with more *World’ed effects but basically the same in concept. The 3.5 players manual would be where I’d start for new additions to the spell list.

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