Thursday night is Planarch night!

Thursday night is Planarch night!

Thursday night is Planarch night!

On their way to the Chaos harbor of Greatlune, our gang must first travel through the foetid rat-thing landfill parish of Munmeek and the enormous urban park / game reserve of Thrimdoon.  Unfortunately Thrimdoon is in the grip of a horrendous ice monsoon.

The Bard pervs his Telepathy spell into a ritual to search for animal guidance.  A massive shaggy ice-mastodon appears!  The Bard’s huge Charisma is universal and he befriends the mastodon.  It leads them through the ice monsoon to Greatlune.  The Bard wants to take his new friend along on their adventures.  The mastodon hugs the Bard with its trunk!  It loves him.

Through the first four weeks of this campaign I have been raining hard moves on the poor Bard.  He has been sexually humiliated.  He is body-switched and withered by necromancy and if he eats anything he will die.  So I am super pumped to see his luck turn good and for him to get the ultimate badass animal friend!  I want to see them clean up the shitty districts of Greatlune from the back of a giant furry tank.

Alas, the fun-hating Inevitable/Paladin decrees that since the ice mastodon is the property of the owners of the game reserve, it cannot accompany the gang.  He shoos the mastodon away and it obeys because He Is The Law.  It disappears into the ice monsoon, never looking back.

Some intense bonds were written in the end-of-session.

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  1. There was also special moment between the Paladin and the neutral-selfish libertine amateur necromancer Wizard. 

    The Wizard had been beaten up by some imps and needed some laying on hands, and I said  “really, Paladin, are you going to go before mighty Karth and beg some divine energy to heal this woman?”  The Paladin vouched for the Wizard and lectured her for awhile and then rolled strong, so Karth was generous. 

    Meanwhile  the Wizard was rolling her eyes and was all “whatever” even after receiving the healing grace of Karth.  I swear I’ve got an atomic wedgie of a hard move cued if if the Paladin ever rolls poorly to heal the Wizard.

    Also, the Paladin volunteered them for a sob-story job that pays only in salvage, with no guaranteed jingle.  Also (they don’t know this) attempting this job overtly will put them on the turboshit list in town.

     I like our Paladin.  He causes trouble.

  2. Oh, here is another moment that I really liked: our Bard spouted some lore about Gargoyles.

    “Where did you learn that?” I asked. 

    “I took a painting class with a Gargoyle once.”

    So now our home parish has painting classes.

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