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  1. Think of it like the Druid Chapechange. When you get a new Soul Fragment that fragment comes with a move. There are some examples of this at the end of the document. 

    It’s supposed to be a bit freeform between you and your GM.

    Does that help?

  2. Yup. I think it’s cool 😀 SO you can come up with an individual move, that fits the soul fragment as well as the character (and setting). Good stuff.

  3. yes. I didn’t want to give you any move for any possible guy in the tournament because it should be something special and related to the setting. The examples are mostly there for inspiration (and refrences) 

    I also didn’t define much else about the tournament because

    a) there isn’t that much known in the source material

    b) the GM should have a say in it – Make maps and leave blanks you know 

  4. i think i will change the Kobold Alley move so that the GM ask the player what he has heard about his enemy. In this way, the GM can set the theme for the potential new power you get while you can add some details and tone. 

    You HAVE to fight the Phoenixlord but you get to decide whether he is an actual nice dude concerned with rebirth and growth or a destructive force of fire and elven superiority or an old Archmage of the Order of the Phoenix…

  5. When yo take part in the tournament and roll 7-9 and you choose the third option… I assume this actually means: Lose the XP, but keep your fragment and the one you wanted to win, and you are in debt?

  6. I think a mechanic like this generally would work well for a Warlock. It introduces a part of the dynamic into the story, that is totally missing in the D&D 4 (and probably also 3/3.5 versions of that class.

  7. Okay, that is the move right now: 

    A bit of Death

    You have come into possession of a part of Deaths Soul. When you or one of your allies makes the last breath move, you can offer Death his Soul and he will return you or your ally back to life with full hit points.

    How about this instead

    Like your life depends on it

    When an ally is about to make the Last Breath move he can give his life into you hands. You can make that move for him, rolling+CHA instead of just rolling. 

    You know have to take deaths bargain to save your ally. 

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