23 thoughts on “Next DW demo map found.”

  1. Thanks a lot Josh and Adam now I’m thinking about how to implement a mutation mechanic in DW (which I kinda wanted to do anyway but still).


  2. Oh yeah! I ran a campaign of World of Dungeons via google hangouts using the “Swords of the Chaos Lords” campaign idea in the back of the Metamorphica. The PC had super-strength and reflexes, the ability to walk through shadow and go two-dimensional (which we decided was shadowform), a crown of black bone that lit on fire when he got angry… and a mutant feature that rolled up “oily anus”. Needless to say, his first quest was trying to find a cure for that affliction. Enemy chaos champions were fun as well, like “Okay, he’s a metal-skinned weeasel-crossbreed whose body constantly generates a sheet of ice, and he’s got a kickass demon-sword!”

  3. I can’t remember the module, but I know one of the really early ones involved… I think it was lizardmen, a space ship and intersteller, high-tech travellers.  Thats what popped into my head the second I looked at the map 😉

  4. There’s the classic “Expedition to Barrier Peaks” adventure that may or may not have been some small influence.

    I drew the map (and all the maps on the blog) freehand using Faber-Castle illustration pens on heavy-bond paper.

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