For the Thrice-Damned Manual of Madness:

For the Thrice-Damned Manual of Madness:

For the Thrice-Damned Manual of Madness:

FLUTERS OF THE UNNAMABLE (group, small, planar)

Fluters of the Unnamable are often called forth in response to a botched summoning spell or teleportation ritual, and can also be found clustered in small swarms around “naturally” occurring holes in reality. Sages believe they hail from the Dimensional Vortex, where they act as symbiotes to far more powerful and terrible beings, but, as much related to that unfathomable place, this is largely a matter of conjecture.

What is known is that their presence upsets the natural order of reality: within the sound of their shrill piping blood flows from walls, clocks run backwards, animals behave unusually, glass ripples, writing rearranges itself into strange symbols, etc, etc.  This ‘softening’ of reality is occasionally used by wizards in their mystical rituals, or by certain more unhinged arcanists purely for atmospheric ambiance.

Mad piping (d6 (see below)) close, near, far

9 hp, 4 armor

Qualities: Floating, Vortexspawn

Instinct: to herald a greater threat


 – entrance someone with alien harmonies

 – give rise to unnatural phenomena

 – widen the cracks in reality

The mad piping of Fluters Of The Unnamable deals sanity damage, if that rules option is being used. If not, consider it to be armor-ignoring (psychic) damage.

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