3 thoughts on “Do you think it would be possible to play a Paizo adventure path with DW?”

  1. I think a fleshed out adventure path may make a decent front. Or just do what I do with mods/AP’s gut them for things you like the most and put those things into your game!

  2. I”m just coming to the end of the Council of Thieves AP. They are very structured – they assume specific goals and signposts are met by the players throughout all six volumes. This is okay (not ideal, but workable) for a game like Pathfinder, but definitely not in the spirit of DW.

    As per the above comments, you could certainly raid an Adventure Path for content and ideas the way you would a campaign setting, but it’s going to come out looking very different from the original (which is a good thing). 

  3. I am playing with a D&D retroclone, and my DMing style is already very narrative oriented, but DW mechanics support explicitly some things that in D&D are just DM’s fiat or have too narrow rules.

    I am playing already PF short adventures. They have nice locations, background storylines, and npc that can be good material for gaming.

    Reading your comments, I realized that actually I like the scenery and npcs in Paizo products, but I like the idea of an epic underlying storyline.

    DW has a distinct advantage on PF: since pcs do not have to level up exactly when adventures dictates, the flow of the story can flow freely.

    So, the problem would be how to make fronts from the AP making as many events as possible stand alone. Are there any examples of a font made from a converted Paizo adventure?

    A question: playing DW in an episodic way, starting each episode in media res, each episode being a section of the adventures, would be too much not DW?

    The players would have to decide what happened in between and be entirely free on how to react, but this way it can be avoided the risk they miss entirely something really structural to the AP.

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