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  1. I always have had a very cold place in my heart for the Gith,  Yanki and Zarai, that is.  And if they, or some analog of them is to be found, some mind flaying Illithid shouldn’t be far behind.

    That image above makes me think of some sort of Illithid queen.  Huge and hungry, her minions regurgitate brain-mash for her to consume while she lays a continuous strand of egg filled gel.  If they don’t come steadily enough with brains for her, she’ll just slurp one or two of them up herself, which means they are really motivated brain-suckers!

  2. When you’re taking some time off; relaxing maybe and admitting that you have a problem — facing and trying to exorcise your mental demons, tell the DM that you want to get better.  The DM will tell you “sure, no problem, but…” and then 1 to 4 of the


    • it’s going to take hours/days/weeks/months of work;

    • first you’ll have to get/build/fix/figure out _;

    • you’re going to need _ to help you with it;

    • it’s going to cost you a fuckton of jingle;

    • the best you’ll be able to do is a crap version, weak and unreliable;

    • it’s going to mean exposing yourself (plus colleagues) to serious danger;

    • it’s going to take several/dozens/hundreds of tries;

    The DM might connect them all with “and,” or might throw in a merciful


  3. When your mind and body are sundered, roll.  On a 10+, describe your vision quest and how you found your way back.  On a 7-9, your dark passenger will show you the way back for a price.

  4. Madness Bonds

    When you survive true horror, a blow to the head, or a decrease in intelligence, take a madness bond.

    For example:

    Help them understand your gibberish

    Discover something mundane during a crisis

    Do something inappropriate during a moment of solemnity

    Start another fire

    Do something for the third time in a row

    End of Session

    If, at the end of a session, you haver escalated a madness bond, mark XP.  Madness bonds may also be resolved like any other bond.

  5. When you journey in dreams to a world not our own

    When you return from the dimensional vortex

    When you learn the dark secrets of your true ancestry

    I will make all these compendium classes if nobody beats me to it.

  6. Fear Alignments

    Hesitant – Mark XP when you convince others to play it safe.

    Oblivious – Mark XP when you convince others it’s nothing to fear.

    Flighty – Mark XP when you turn tail and leave others to do the fighting.

    Noob – Mark XP when things get tense and you’re chastised for babbling.

  7. Horror bonds:

    __ is an abomination. Anyone can be sacrificed to destoy it.

    __ is unstoppable and the best I can do is get away.

    __ does not exist, it was just a dream.

    __ may reward me if a clear a path for it to come.

    The key to defeating __ is to study it closely. Alone.

    You can check the Bond quality by filling in “Dis”. If it fits, it’s okay.

  8. Updated the image with a revised cover and rough outline. My plan is to work on the adventure myself, but edit the first two sections together from stuff other people have posted. Probably easiest if all content is CC-BY, but I’ll check with contributors before editing their stuff and releasing it in this format. Just free PDF for now.

    If you want in, just post cool stuff here or link me to previously posted stuff you want to propose (no need to copy over from Adam’s horror moves thread; I’ll look at that stuff). No promises, but I’ll grab a bunch of the stuff I like and then contact folks about using it.

    No definite timeline right now; too many other projects. Hopefully soon?

  9. Jonathan Walton I bet the locals refer to the Pergatorium as ‘The Tongue’ – both because it protruded from the Hellmouth and because the horrific beasts never showed themselves to the earthly jailers who abandoned criminals there, only beckoning from inside the tower’s window…

  10. Profane Ritual

    Requires: Ritual

    When the GM tells you the tasks that need to be completed for a Ritual, you may substitute any of following for the qualifications he gives you:

    – Sacrifice an intelligent being

    – Sell part (or all) of your soul to an otherworldly power

    – Gain an insanity alignment move

    – Permanently reduce your Wisdom by 1


    • Tales of Terror and Madness


    • The Destruction of Otherworldly Foes

    • Prepare for the Arrival of the Old Ones


    • Your religion spreads like a disease: add Petition: Dive Mad With The Truth

    • Your religion fights against the darkness: add Petition: Fearlessness


    • The Void Between The Stars

    • The Forgotten Deeps


    • Horrifying

  12. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, with the greater demons being generated like Stalker threats. “Uh, it’s a heavy greenness that shreds your lungs like glass if you inhale it.”

  13. Hmm, since the Purgatorium sounds insanely deadly, maybe the PCs begin with a magical device the torturer demons use to resusitate their victims if they are accidentally killed (mortals are so fragile). The device has some limitations (doesn’t work if you’re in too many pieces) and requires time to use (so it won’t stop a TPK), but it makes it at least concievable that some of the PCs might escape… though in what mental condition, hard to say. Clearly you have to roll vs. horror each time the device brings you back, in addition to everything else going on. 

  14. VERY rough draft:


    Madness is a new stat that measures your slow descent into insanity. 

    When you are confronted with a scene of true horror, roll +Wis. On a 10+, you manage to stay in control. On a 7-9, you take -1 ongoing until the source of terror is gone or dealt with. On a 6 or less, you gain a point of Madness and must flee, panic, beg, or fight.

    You can also choose to replace one of the conditions of the Ritual move with “Take a point of Madness”.


    For every point of Madness you have, you take -1 forward when Defying Danger with WIS, or when you are are confronted with a scene of true horror.

    When your Madness pool equals your INT or WIS (whichever’s higher), your character has descended irrevocably into madness.


    When you have at least one point of Madness, you can take the following moves when you level up:

    BARD: Unearthly Charm – You do not need leverage to Parley with someone.

    CLERIC: Touch of the Old Ones – When you Cast a Spell, it is considered a scene of true horror.

    DRUID: Shape of Madness – When you Shapeshift, you can choose to give yourself the Horrifying tag.

    FIGHTER: Fanatic’s Fervor – When you deal damage, you heal 1d4 damage. Also, any weapon you wield gains +messy.

    PALADIN: But Now I See – You have the following additional option on “I Am The Law”: Drive the target mad for a short time

    RANGER: Symbiote – Your animal companion becomes a literal part of you. It can hide inside your body, and gets +1 Ferocity.


    WIZARD: Power In Madness – Take +Madness forward when Casting a Spell or Spouting Lore. No matter what the result of the roll is, the GM must make a hard move against you.


    You can reduce your Madness pool by performing one of the following tasks:

    • A Cleric with the “Destruction of Otherworldly Foes” or “Healing and Restoration” domains can use the following new level 3 spell: Restore The Mind – Remove 1d4 points of Madness from the target.

    • Take a Debility to remove one point of Madness

    • Take a Madness Bond or Fear Alignment to remove one point of Madness

    • A Paladin can use Lay On Hands to transfer a point of Madness from the target to himself instead of healing damage

  15. Sean Dunstan BARD: In Their Head – You do not need leverage to Parley with someone but they won’t like you for it.

    (You know when someone is manipulating you and you know it but you just can’t seem to turn the conversation around and you end up doing what they want but feeling used…)

  16. Jeremy Tidwell I think the copyright status of Lovecraft is pretty contested. I’d honestly rather stick to original material inspired by various other things. We can do better than what already exists!

  17. When you witness that which cannot be, give the DM three verbs.  She’ll pick a noun to go with one of them, preferably one that appears on your character-sheet/playbook.  Henceforth, you feel compelled to the .  The DM will be able to introduce your compulsion as a soft move.


    You start with a number of sanity points equal to your wisdom score (not modifier). The DM, as a hard move, may deal sanity damage to you. Certain other options may be opened up by custom moves or whatnot (UNSPEAKABLE ARTS: Add “You take 1d4 sanity damage” to the list of 7-9 options of Cast A Spell).

    LAST NERVE: When you’re going insane (at 0 sanity points) you catch a glimpse of what lies beyond the White Gates of Madness’s Kingdom (the GM will describe it). Then roll (just roll, +nothing—yeah, Madness doesn’t care how tough or cool you are). On a 10+, you’ve cheated Madness—you’re in a bad spot but you’re still sane. On a 7–9, Madness herself will offer you a bargain. Take it and stabilize or refuse and pass beyond the White Gates into whatever fate awaits you. On 6-, your fate is sealed. You’re marked as Madness’s own and you’ll cross the threshold soon. The GM will tell you when.

  19. Compulsion

    When you survive great horror or trauma, pick a basic move and add one of the following clauses immediately after the words “When you”:

    -‘shout obscenities and’

    -‘clutch your safety object and’

    -‘adorn yourself with blood and’

    -‘tear out a tuft of hair and’

    -‘take another drink and’

    -‘throw salt over your shoulder and’

    This clause is ongoing but only effects you.

    [Jonathan Walton You’re totally welcome to use anything I posted in the other thread]

  20. Oh, but it needn’t effect only you…

    When you’re picking up a compulsion as per the move above, if you pick up a compulsion identical to that of someone with whom you share a bond, mark xp.

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