Hi all.

Hi all.

Hi all. I picked up the original Ravenloft boxed set recently and am thinking about using it to run Dungeon World when it arrives. I figure the dread lords are good fronts, and the first boxed is still pretty wide open. I plan on opening the game with “The mists part. What do you do?” Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. I’m actually thinking of doing an outsider campaign and let them run with a “you were chosen by destiny” narrative to clean of Ravenloft… if it doesn’t corrupt them first.

  2. I think one thing DW would work well with in this setting is the idea of each domain of dread having different effects on the characters.  So 6- move rolls could have all sorts of bizarre results in each domain.  Maybe work up some special equipment like wooden stakes, silvered weapons, holy water, etc.  Then there’s curses and the ultimate bad day when the dark grip of Ravenloft takes hold of one or more characters.  Fear and horror would be way easier to integrate into DW than later iterations of D&D.  I think overall it’s a great choice for DW campaign setting.  In fairness though it’s a great setting no matter what system you use.

  3. Compendium classes could be a great way to have a PC slide towards evil, as the demiplane starts to grab them, empower them, tempt them.

    Then again, I think they could also work for the flipside. “When you swear never-ending vengeance on a Dark Lord, you can take this move when you next level up…” And then bam, PC Van Richten.

  4. I’m planning a DW game using the Innistrad setting for MtG, which is very Ravenloft-like.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the game if it gets of the ground.  I agree with Christopher Grau about custom “racial” moves.  I did up a bunch of these for each province of the Innistrad setting (which has no demi-humans).

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