The Marksman

The Marksman

The Marksman

An introduction? Feh! As if your talents require an introduction? There’s no need for you to wear out your tongue singing your own praises–about the towering beasts you’ve reduced to whimpering pincushions, about the countless contests you’ve effortlessly sweeped, about the fair hearts you’ve won with your dashing good looks and undeniable charm. Why introduce a hero whose reputation precedes them?

Sure, maybe the Rogue managed to walk away from your last adventure with his pockets a little heavier than everyone else. So the Fighter took home an extra trophy skull or two. Who cares if the Paladin gained favor with his god, or the Bard was inspired to write a new verse? You’ve won the greatest reward of all–and you earned it, too. Because when you walk through the cheering crowds of that village after a long battle, holding your head high and grinning ear to ear, you don’t need to tell people what you’re so proud of. No. They can see it for themselves.

You’re the greatest Marksman who ever lived, that’s why, and any hapless chump who wants to claim otherwise can meet you on the archery range.

(Character Sheet Template by JJ Lanza, invaluable design assistance provided by the Dungeon World G+ and Something Awful communities)

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  1. Well, this is Dungeon World, so having sufficiently different mechanics should already give you a different fiction. And there are custom classes like the Mage already which are just an alternate interpretation of an existing basic archetype. 

    The Ranger is a stealthy creature of the forest, just as comfortable stabbing a dude as he is shooting him with arrows. His talents focus mostly on his ability to trailblaze, and his animal companion- they make up the vast majority of his moveset. 

    The Marksman is a loud, proud hero of the city, a master of archery with no reliable close-range abilities. In a fight, he’s not going to be relying on a pet animal to help him close in and flank. He’ll be leaping around distant scenery shooting tricked-out arrows at anyone who pokes their head out. Out of combat, he’ll be helping to bolster the party’s reputation in civilized territories rather than guiding them through the woods.

    Honestly, the only thing I’d say the two classes have in common at this point is “shoots lots of arrows in a fight,” and Rangers only do that about half the time.

  2. You don’t need any beyond the basic moves, this is Dungeon World. If your character wants to pick up a chair and bash someone over the head with it in a bar brawl, roll Hack and Slash, not Proficiency: Wooden Chairs. But if you want to look cool while doing it, then you should probably have some kind of relevant move like Always Armed or One With the Wood.

    A Marksman can grab a precise dagger and go to stabbytown if someone gets close. That’s fine. But wouldn’t it be more cinematic to Defy Danger and roll out of the way, then plunk a flaming Elemental Arrow in the enemy’s face for trying?

  3. Well yeah, i can do a rebounding shot and aim extra cool at one guy but i can only fire 3 fire arrows before i have to make a pause and rekindle my stuff. The Ranger has a cool aim extra move and an animal companion that is always there. 

    Having only the 3 shoots makes me not a cool trick archer. A Wizard can cast spells all day and be cool, he just has to live with the spots he is in. The Marksman fires 3 shots and then is out of ammo. That is not cool. 

    I understand it, from a design perspective but it really really limits you in your coolness. If you had your arrows so that you could rearm every “encounter” (ergo 5 minutes to resuply, not an hour) this would work better i think. 

  4. He’s out of special ammo after 3 shots (4 or 5 with advanced moves). He can still Draw a Bead on targets or bounce arrows off people pinball-style all day long.

  5. Because every game could use just a little bit more Robin Hood.

    EDIT: Though, looking at it, I’d probably throw in an option somewhere for them to start with a small hand weapon like a dagger (without having to dedicate themselves to thrown weapons) just so when the DM decides to put them in a spot, they have some sort of desperate measure.

  6. Paride Papadia

    No need to apologize, you literally did nothing wrong at all. I just linked it to you since it sounded relevant to the conversation!

    Colter Hanna Adding in an option for a -1 damage dagger is probably a solid idea, actually. You can use it in an emergency, but it’s still better to find a way to make space and then shoot.

    Tim Franzke On further reading, I must admit I had actually misunderstood how spells work in Dungeon World. Given that error, yeah, I think I’ll change Quiver to only needing a few minutes of downtime and the supplies.

  7. I really like the concept of the Marksman, though I did have some questions on the Trick Shots- what are the required materials and do you have to consume a use of ammo in order to make the special ammo?

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