4 thoughts on “My review of DW appeared on RPGnet today:”

  1. Great review!

    I’m sorry that Planarch Effect is moving so slowly, but I am really trying to keep it from dying! It’s been very enjoyable so far, despite its pace…

  2. Also agreed on the list of things that could be improved. Level+1 for spells seems too limiting; if I’ve just hit 3rd level, I want to be able to use my shiny new spells without feeling like I’m lacking in lower-level magic.

    As a new-to-DW GM, the Druid’s Shapeshifting move intimidates me. I’m thinking of excluding that class from my convention event just so I don’t have the extra complication of creating animal moves on the fly. (Someone needs to create a Shapeshifting cheat sheet!)

    The Fronts only sorta make sense to me. I’m not sure whether it’s because they’re not clearly explained, or whether I’m hung up on the details of the example, something involving angels that doesn’t quite come together in my head. 

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