Here’s a map I made from our Dungeon World game.

Here’s a map I made from our Dungeon World game.

Here’s a map I made from our Dungeon World game. Last night was our second session. The PCs are currently in Gold Wall, to the east. Over the past two sessions the PCs have learned of most of the places on the map and were just given an actual map, so I threw this together this morning.

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  1. Oh certain, Jeff Jones – the faux-parchment look is part of it. I think maybe that and the red is reminding me of the map of the Lonely Mountain – I recall Erebor (or maybe it was Smaug) being drawn in red.

  2. I like it. It reminds me of the maps we’d see in the older wilderness field guides we used when I was a kid, on family camping and hiking trips, among other things. (When I discovered D&D, a lot of my early gaming was basically in Fantasy Yosemite and Fantasy Sequoia.) Good stuff!

  3. What a crazy coincidence ! I was just about to redraw my own world map today and I was looking for Photoshop brushes.  I’m delighted !

  4. I really like the variation of the mountain brushes and the trees are pretty nice. There’s grasses and other terrain, but I didn’t get that detailed. I’m not a huge fan of the city/town/village icons, but I was just looking for something quick.

  5. Robert Adducci your choice of colours is excellent, and also the way you used the mountains makes the map look hand drawn.

    I am sure others will agree that you should post more maps 🙂

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