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  1. If you do something that’s covered by a move (say, attacking them), roll the move like normal. Remember that the other person can use the ‘interfere’ move in response if they’re in a position to do so.

  2. I would advise you to try and avoid these situations though. It’s a pretty lousy system for handling PvP. The person “interfering” really doesn’t DO anything, and the winner will most often be the one that the GM gives more “screen time”.

  3. “the person “interfering” really doesn’t DO anything”

    That is definitively breaking the rules.  To do a thing, the character has to do it in the narrative.  No rolling to interfere just because I don’t want something to happen.  Someone trying to take something from you?  Punch them in the mouth!  Then they have to defy danger – the danger is “getting punched in the mouth / not getting the thing from you”.  Etc.

    Just look at the narrative, decide who is making what moves, if any, and roll the dice.  “PvP” is just like combat or talking or casting spells or whatever.

  4. Adam Koebel -> If I play a Fighter, and charge a paladin, and he says “I punch him in the mouth!”, isn’t that just turning it around?

    He either punches or interferes. Letting him do both is just another way of favoring one player over the other.

  5. It changes the narrative to introduce an immediate Danger that the Fighter now has to overcome.  If he can Defy that danger, then okay, the Paladin gets punched in the mouth.  It depends on how the Fighter reacts.  For example.

    Fighter: I rush the Paladin from behind, shoving my sword into his back.

    GM: Okay, well, we already know he’s busy fighting that Ogre, so okay, you stick him.  Roll damage.

    Fighter: I scream in frustration and rush the Paladin.

    Paladin: No way, I want to throw my shield up and protect myself.

    GM: Fighter, roll Hack and Slash.  Paladin, roll to interfere.

    Fighter: I draw my sword and stab the Paladin!

    Paladin: I lunge for him, and since my sword is already drawn, I get the drop on him?

    GM: Fighter, Defy Danger.  The Danger is that you get stabbed before you get sword-in-hand.

    Fighter: I lunge at the Paladin, trying to drive my sword past his defenses.

    Paladin: I fight back, all the while, praying for god to guide my hand.

    GM: Both of you crash together, blows hammering down like rain.  Roll Hack and Slash and we’ll see who comes out on top.

    Loads of paths to “PVP” depending on 1) the interpretation of the situation by the GM and other players and 2) the narrative put forth by the acting players.

  6. Adam Koebel: That last example, where the fighter and paladin both seem to be rolling Hack & Slash to see “who comes out on top” – how does that work? Do they both make simultaneous H&S moves, each potentially dealing and taking damage, then you figure out the consequences (which could evn be 2 Last Breath rolls), after they’ve rolled the dice?

  7. They’re both fulfilling the triggers of the move, so yeah, they’re both Hacking & Slashing.  Both dealing and potentially taking damage.  You may very well end up with two dead PCs, both meeting death together.  What a great dramatic deal THAT would be…

  8. Paride Papadia  I agree with you. I was just considering some situations where the PC is not entirely himself (possessed, charmed, blackmailed, whatever…) and turns against his fellow comrades.

  9. Hah, things don’t happen all at once. They resolve one at a time.

    So, Defy Danger first (with Interfere, probably) then Hack and Slash if it still applies.

    Hack and Slash together, you’d allocate one player to roll first, then the second combatant rolls.

    Like so much of the game, we’d have to see it in action, with context.

  10. Tim Deschene Here’s one example – Let’s say Lux and Avon come to blows.  Lux wants to put Avon in the ground, over some disagreement. 

    Lux: I swing my sword at him, trying to murder him.

    GM: Avon, are you fighting back?

    Avon: Against the Paladin?  Hell no, I am going to get out of the way.

    GM: Okay, Avon, Defy Danger, the Danger is that Lux hits you with his sword.

    Lux: Can I interfere?

    GM: How are you interfering?

    Lux: Well, I’m pretty fast I know what a coward this guy is.  I’m going to grab him with my free hand to push him off balance.

    Avon rolls a 10, but Lux brings it down to an 8 with Interference.

    GM: Okay, so here’s the thing, Lux can’t get you with his sword, but as you get away, you stumble, dropping your spellbook, which lies between you and Lux.  What do you do?

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