36 thoughts on “Would Anyone have use for a DW DMs screen?”

  1. Having the GM moves, agenda and principles front-and-center is basically the most important thing.  It’s what I find I need most on-hand when I play.  Something I can glance at to remind me of some new options when I am stumped.

  2. As a DW GM, what exactly are you hiding behind your screen?  Is there another way to keep useful info at hand without having such a barrier between you and your players?  Perhaps something like a 6″ tall wedge that acts like a tabletop podium?

  3. I actually use a DM’s screen. It’s the “Savage Worlds Customizable” screen. The outside panels have two copies of the (old landscape) Basic and Special moves screens, and on the inside is my list of principles and moves.

  4. As I said elsewhere: I’d like to add the NPC names list, and possibly the Steadings Names list, to the other excellent suggestions here. That shit’s HARD for some of us to improvise.

  5. You could easily leave a screen art-side-down on the table as a reference. Although with Nate’s work that would obviously be a near-criminal waste.

  6. I would like sort of landscape-orientation stand-up art pieces of setting and backdrop you can prop up to indicate the current environment or location. Maybe with a move printed on the back.

  7. Thanks for the ideas everyone. I’ve got a few other projects to close on first but ill probably get started on it for shits and giggles in the next couple weeks. See then where it goes.

  8. I back this right now! 😉

    I like GM screens, in AD&D 2nd edition because of the feel it gave the players, later on I stopped rolling behind it, and became a way to hide my notes, most of the time my screen is lying folded on top of the notes in the last few games I GMed.

  9. I like the side-to-side layout of the 4th Ed GMs screen. I find that the 8.5×11 standups are too tall for me to sit and see my players. That said, I should definitely figure out how to make some sweet GM worksheets to put inside it >_>

  10. You know what would be nice? I “digital” GM screen. Something in landscape that I could put on my tablet, then just swipe back and forth between pages as needed.

  11. Leaning to 22″ wide x 8.5″ tall. Quad fold glossy Color card stock. Haven’t even looked at printing costs for something like that. I’ll finish the art first. there are lots of ways to have the rules handy of course but I’ve got a mind to make a vehicle for a dream fantasy art piece. I hope people would like it. We will see if its useful.

  12. That DCC RPG Kickstarter link I sent you a few months ago didn’t get funded at a high enough level to unlock the DM screen but as soon as I saw it I started thinking how cool it would be if you did a screen, Nate.

    8.5″ tall is a good height. I made an even shorter Technoir screen because I wanted something to hide my plot map.

    I’d originally imagined three panels but two 11″ wide panels might be really cool because it would still be useful for semi-hiding any dungeon or R-maps / fronts / treasure / custom moves, etc. but you could have it off to the side a bit if you wanted to keep it from being between you and the others and the art would still be there to help set the mood.

    I liked Adam’s list but for 22″ x 8.5″ I might remove front types and dangers in favor of larger fonts and other things I think might be referenced more often. Once the game gets rolling my fronts types and dangers for an ongoing game are written down and lying flat in front of me, and I personally don’t want screen real estate dedicated to ALL the front kinds and their dangers. What do other think? I’d also like to hear from more GMs about how on-the-fly monster creation is going for them and whether they’d find that useful on a screen or if they prefer to take a minute and reference the book/reader if they need to make a quick monster.

    I make Names lists for every game always, but they’re always peculiar to MY game. Having DW names (taken from DW PC lists) as a border might be cool, but I wouldn’t want them taking up too much room.

    For useful reference, I think the GM Moves and Dungeon Moves are going to be the main thing, flanked by the Agenda and the Principles on either side.

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned, is totally traditional DM screen fodder and which I’ve found myself wanting for fast reference is a weapon/gear/equipment/services list with costs.

  13. I’d use a DW screen, I reckon you could pack a lot of information onto one.  I’m currently using a d&D 4e screen because I like the height and 4-pane layout.  I have to laugh, though, that the info boxes on it just contain page numbers to look up rules, how…useful!  

    I’m primarily a digital gm, but I still like the screen, it prevents my players from knowing how much beer I’ve had.  

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