21 thoughts on “This community is cracking me up.”

  1. I’ll be offering to run vanilla DW as soon as the D&D 3.5 game I’m in now ends in a month or two.  That being said, part of me does want to give Dragon World a silly try.

  2. The beauty of Dungeon World is that it’s all about creating your own fiction.

    Once people know what kind of fantastic world they want to play in, they can customize the moves to bring that flavour into everything they do, and make it their game! That we can share all our little bits and mods and hacks as strengthens and enriches the community. Playing DW is fun as hell, and it’s style of play is all about invigorating your imagination. I consider making custom moves, classes, and settings for DW to still be playing.

  3. Making your own custom stuff—even stuff related to a published setting for another game—is totally part of DW! That’s why we have a while chapter on making stuff.

  4. I think this is just reflecting what people want to talk about online.  If you’re playing RAW, and you understand the rules, there’s not a lot to post about in a g+ community.  If you’re interested in doing some hacking of the game, well… you probably want to get feedback from other people experienced with it, and an online community is a good place to do that.

    in other words: i’m not sure i believe that what people talk about, in regards to an rpg, online is any kind of accurate reflection on what people are actually doing around the table with that rpg.

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