Hello, I need some direction.

Hello, I need some direction.

Hello, I need some direction. I am trying to use this system to create a campaign and a set of new classes. However I am hitting road blocks due to not understanding the class makeup apparently and moves. I keep trying to make moves specific for each class that apparently aren’t “good” to DW vets. I compare my moves to the moves the original classes have and they seem to be very bland and not very unique. IMO the spellcasters are the only ones that really seem to stand out different with their spells…otherwise everyone’s regular “Advanced Moves” seem pretty similar and almost unnecessary. Here are some examples of my attempts at making Class Moves for a spartan/warden type:

□       Defend the Keep

When Defending ally, +1 to resulting Hold

□       Phalanx

When you use a hold to Halve the attack damage, -1 to damage

□       Achilles Heel

When you lunge with an attack despite their incoming blow, Defy Danger roll+DEX: On 10+ you maim a limb of your choice. On 7-9 you maim a limb but you lose your balance and fall flat.

My goal was to make them fun to play by making certain classes stand out on certain actions.

I guess the problem with say the last one is, any class can attempt this same move with Defy Danger. So what could I do to make it a neat move for this specific agile class? Or did I step on the shoes of the imagination and narrative?

Any advice is appreciated.