When adapting an adventure path (specifically a Pathfinder one, my group wants to play Rise of the Runelords but we…

When adapting an adventure path (specifically a Pathfinder one, my group wants to play Rise of the Runelords but we…

When adapting an adventure path (specifically a Pathfinder one, my group wants to play Rise of the Runelords but we don’t like 3.X), what is the best way to go about it? Organize the entire adventure path as a single Campaign Front and improvise up from there using iconic and exciting scenes? Write up each Part in the individual books as an Adventure Front? Wing it? Stop overthinking and do what’s most comfortable for me? Tips and advice appreciated!

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Here’s my session report for the character creation and setting establishment portion of our Dungeon World​ game, using Mark Diaz Truman’s Chaos World setting The Last Days of Anglekite. It’s told as an in-universe epic, the end of which is yet to be known.


The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind

An Adventure Front adapted from the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying 2e Adventure “Ties That Bind” by Bryan Kropp, adapted for Mark Diaz Truman’s Chaos World setting “The Last Days of Anglekite”.

Adventure Front: The Ties That Bind

After arriving in a small village called Cathich, down in the mutated farmlands fed by the River Wound, a restful night’s stay at the Inn of the Falconer’s Regret is interrupted when the innkeeper calls out in the night. His son has been taken by a horrible Thingtroll, and his daughter is hastily gathering a party to save her from the wretched monster. However, the creature’s lair contains far more than simply a hungry Thingtroll, and there may be more to this Barrow than there initially appears to be…


Starving Monstrosity (Impulse: To feast on the flesh of weaker things.)

This Thingtroll was born out of the Woundwaters alone, and has spent its time very hungry. Only the flesh of those foolhardy enough to pass by its barrow will satisfy, but people have ceased approaching its hill ever since word got out. Its hunger for flesh has led it to a small village not far South from its dwelling.

Impending Doom: Destruction (The Thingtroll’s taste for pampered villager blood grows and it begins massacring the helpless denizens.)


Subterranean Survivalists (Impulse: To keep their home safe; giants can’t get underground.)

This community of Feral Vampires has kept a very uneasy peace with the Thingtroll for quite some time. Ever since it started hiding near their barrow and devouring the living, it’s become stressful for them beneath the earth. They found shelter here underground after an ill-fated encounter with the Scourge Karkis some time ago, and had lived in relative peace, regaining their sanity and feeding mostly on animal blood, and the rare bandit or hunter that might threaten the peace nearby. Now with the Thingtroll having invaded a nearby settlement and brought humans back with it, their very livelihood is threatened, and they’ll do anything to keep themselves secure…

Impending Doom: Madness (Driven from their home, the Non-Feral Vampires go mad again and continue on the fleeing path of slaughter.)


Ancient Vampire Prince (Impulse: To slumber more in peace.)

Osorkon was buried together centuries ago in a tremendous temple (buried under the earth after the first use of the Angelbone Blade), in the hopes that he would remain asleep forever. Thus far he has been content in resting, but some bumbling fools have opened his tomb, and someone has taken his precious circlet, a memento of Osorkon’s wife who has departed from this world permanently. The love and warmth it radiates keeps him asleep, and he’ll do anything to bring it back – even take the vampires living in his home to war.

Impending Doom: Tyranny (Osorkon personally slays those who took the circlet then the rest of Cathich, resurrecting them as thralls and swearing a path of war on the greedy human world.)


The Thingtroll makes off with the Innkeeper’s son.

The Thingtroll reaches the Underground Barrow.

Goblins open the Tomb of Osorkon.

Osorkon and Leechu awaken from the dead.

A greedy villager makes off with Osorkon’s circlet.

Osorkon and his vampire faithful arrive at Cathich.

Osorkon, Leechu, and their army of the dead raze Cathich to the ground and vow revenge on the world of the living for becoming so greedy and disdainful of love.


Will the heroes rescue the innkeeper’s son?

Will it be possible to maintain peace with a secret colony of Vampires living to the north?

Will Osorkon annihilate Cathich and declare war on the living?



Hans Plotreiber, the innkeeper’s son, potential Thingtroll snack

Dieter Plotreiber, keeper of the Inn of the Falconer’s Regret, wracked with anxiety.

Emma Plotreiber, proactive daughter of the innkeeper, will rescue her dumb brother no matter what it takes.

Leechu, Orsokon’s vampiric priest and translator, will do as the master says.

When you hold Orsokon’s Circlet, roll+WIS. On a 10+, you feel the love of his departed wife. Take +1 forward on any roll+CHA. On a 7-9, nothing happens. On a failure, the love is too pure. Take -1 forward on any rolls to oppose Orsokon or his forces.

Is there a blank sheet anywhere for making new Classes, Playbooks, etc.

Is there a blank sheet anywhere for making new Classes, Playbooks, etc.

Is there a blank sheet anywhere for making new Classes, Playbooks, etc.? I notice a lot of supplements seem to use the same format, but I’m a total newb at this kind of thing so I dunno how to make stuff that looks that good.