Haven’t gotten a chance to play the game yet but after seeing that you could make your own classes I immediately felt I wanted to make one.

Of course I had to go and decide to make a spellcaster, which requires a LOT more work than any other class (Probably why there aren’t really that many of them posted here already?). Gotta make things difficult for oneself I suppose… 

Anyway, here’s the swordmage! Inspired by the DnD class but with a lot of my own thoughts thrown in there.

Meant to be a flexible and mobile melee-ranged spellcaster focusing mainly on ongoing enchantments. Has the capability of becoming an accurate damage dealer, a tanky defender or a moderately powerful close-ranged spellcaster, but never all at once!

Best played with sort of a jack of all trades, master of none approach I’d say.

Can’t really tell if it’s balanced or not, since there doesn’t really seem to be much balancing in this game anyway. (You can make some pretty sick characters out of the basic classes!) But I did try to not make it super powerful in any aspect so that it doesn’t completely overshadow any of the basic classes.

Also, I’d like to add one or two more non-combat related spells on the 7th/9th tier spell lists but for now I can’t really think of any good ones.


Feel free to offer feedback, suggestions or just general support. ^^ And if someone decides to playtest the class I’d love to hear about how things go. 🙂