Just remembered about this community.

Just remembered about this community.

Just remembered about this community. Hey, y’all! We are three gamers wanting to give an honest go of World of Dungeons bi-weekly on Thursdays from 3:45 to 6:15 pm Pacific on Hangouts.

The first will take place Thursday, October 19. It’ll be WoDu mostly by the rules modded as we go. I’ll be going for a low-level adventurers get caught up in epic adventure and become movers and shakers vibe (think vaguely Dragonlance in tone, but we’ll be using the excellent list of names and places on the back pages for inspiration).

We’ll probably mod the experience system to suit heroic action rather than treasure collecting, as well as some sort of harm system so that hit points are a resource rather than a measurement of life and death (I don’t want to kill the characters).

Two more players would be awesome! Lots of collaboration and high adventure. Thanks in advance!

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Howdy! This isn’t strictly a Lampblack related invite, but there’s three of us starting up a Google Hangouts based game using John Harper’s World of Dungeons hack for Dungeon World, and we’re looking for a few more players. 3:45 – 6:00 pm Pacific time on Thursdays. Give a shout if you’re interested!