Looking for feedback.

Looking for feedback.

Looking for feedback.

I’m running  a new (read: first ever) DW adventure soon and wanted to include some custom moves.  The first leg of the journey is across a treacherous sea wherein the adventurers encounter more than one danger.  Since most of this session will take place on a ship I thought it right to add some ship related moves.  Below is an original move I made for the game plus a modified move from the DW Guide.

1. Knife Slide Down A Sail

“When you stab in to the sail and ride the tear to the deck like a grinning scoundrel, roll +Dex.”

On a 10+

 – You land safely.  Add  +1 hold if you flourish.

 On a 7 – 9

 – You land, but amongst a cacophany of battle

On a miss,

 – You stop short in the sail.  Loose the knife to catch a rope(+Dex) or drop to the deck for1d4 damage.

2. Swinging of the Rigging

“When you swing on the rigging toward some scurvy bastard with a cutlass in your teeth, roll +Dex. 

On a 10+

 – you knock them over and gain 1 hold.

On a 7-9

 – you are both knocked over and fall in to a tangled pile.

On a miss

 – you or your weapon is flung overboard.

Would love some pointers as I’m still learning the ropes (pun intended?) of Dungeon World.