Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone! I’m a fairly new GM for Dungeon World, and PbtA games in general. This week, I’ll be running my 6th DW game, and what would be around my 20th PbtA game, and I was wondering how people felt about using a move from one PbtA game to port into this one. Specifically, I run an infrequent City of Mist game and I wanted to talk about the Investigate move (which will be listed below for those unfamiliar.

My first question is this: Would porting this move into DW take away from a move like Discern Realities?

I’ve been operating, and have expressed this to my players, under the idea that Discern Realities isn’t quite the DW equivalent of DnD’s perception roll, but more like an investigation skill check if we’re talking DW-DnD comparisons. For one, I’m making those comparisons because I came from running Pathfinder, and additionally all of my DW players are use to doing DnD or DnD-esque game, so this is me just framing it in a way that we’re already familiar with.

My second question, which might be answered in the first, is in porting this over, should I just disregard Discern Realities? Is it a good idea to even do so?

The move as written in City of Mist (the +Power part would change if I did port it over to CHA or WIS or whatever to fit what the PC is doing):

When you use your abilities to seek answers to burning questions, roll+power. On a hit, you uncover as many Clues as your Power. Spend your Clues 1-to-1 to ask the MC a question about the subject of your investigation or ask another player a relevant question about their character. They must give you either a straight answer or a solid lead. On a 7-9, they can also choose 1:

-Your investigation exposes you to danger.

-The Clues you get are fuzzy, incomplete, or part-true part-false.

-Whoever or whatever you are asking the question(s) can ask you one question as well. You answer on the same terms.