So I’m about to play in a Dungeon Planet game, and I am considering playing a Mutant.

So I’m about to play in a Dungeon Planet game, and I am considering playing a Mutant.

So I’m about to play in a Dungeon Planet game, and I am considering playing a Mutant. I was drawn to the class by the comparison to the Druid, which I’ve had some interest in playing. However, the Mutant seems very different. Rather than a character that constantly changes shapes to meet the needs of a given situation, it seems like you are playing someone with very limited shifting.

Advantageous Mutations: Choose three monster moves that reflect the advantages your mutations give you. When you employ an advantageous mutation, defy danger to make it work properly.

Unstable Mutations: At the start of a session, roll+CON. •On a 10+, hold three. •On a 7-9, hold two. •On a miss, hold one and the GM will tell you how your body changes. Spend a hold to:

 Change one of your advantageous mutations to a different monster move.

 Use one of the level 2-5 moves once, for one roll.

 Use one of your advantageous mutations without a roll.

So what are the “Monster Moves” mentioned under Advantageous Mutations? I can’t find any listed in the Dungeon Planet book. So..make up random mutations like Wings, Multiple Arms, Tails? however  all those sorts of things seem to be Advanced moves.

Mutant Advanced Moves:: □ Acid Spit □ Amphibious □ Expanded Senses □ Extra Limbs □ Increased Mobility – Natural Armour □ Natural Weapons □ Noxious Cloud □ Paralytic – Protected Sense □ Third Eye □ Venom □ Webs □ Wings □ Adaptive Mimicry □ Hyperaccurate Sensory Organ – Parasitic Feeding Pattern.

So…I’m left confused by the class. Any insight would be welcome.

So…movement and wire-fu.

So…movement and wire-fu.

So…movement and wire-fu. My nephew and I have a love of wire-fu and crazy acrobatics, but Dungeon World doesn’t seem to have any movement related moves for any of the classes.

My first thought is to tinker together a class and give it an acrobatics move. I’ve seen a few out there, but the ones I’ve seen (at least the ones my old brain cells remember) seem too concrete for Dungeon World, at least to me. They are the sort I would have more than likely built on my own if I hadn’t seen them out there.

Crazy Jumping! When you need to make a crazy jump. Roll+Blah 10+=Leap +20 feet 7-9=Leap+10 feet.

It works to give the character the whole jumping thing, but does it really work? The concrete distance doesn’t seem to jibe with the DW aesthetic. Weapon distances aren’t handled in feet, yards, meters or any of that. So should a movement ability be handled with them?

Whacky Jumping! When you need to jump really far: Roll+Blah

10+ You totally make it! You rule! 7-9, You make it, but there’s a problem

That seems better, but it is super nebulous, which makes my eyeballs itch, but is probably better for DW in general. But now I wonder if this should be a move at all, as you’ve already got Defy Danger.  So maybe it should be more like

Insane Jumping! You totally can jump insane distances! 

Then it is just rp, and when necessary, the gm will throw in Defy Danger rolls as appropriate. Or I suppose you could even skip it being a move at all. Just tell the GM you want to be able to jump around like a Kung Fu movie and then RP the heck out of it?

So…there’s some rambling thoughts. How do people handle this stuff? Is the perfect move out there and I’ve not found it yet?