I love DW.

I love DW.

I love DW. One thing I miss from my OD&D experience in DW is the d20. There’s a way to use d20’s in the game, but it’s a bit of a shift to the probabilities. Rolling 2d6 for moves DW standard we get (assume +0)

~42% chance of a  2-6/miss

~42% chance of a 7-9/soft hit

~16% chance of a 10+/hard hit

My proposed change, roll 3d20, keep the median value, then add your modifier. Assuming a +0 to the roll, we get the following:

~42% of a miss (1-9)

~42% chance of a soft hit (10-15)

~16% chance of a hard hit (16+)

To my eye, given the odds are the same, there should be no difference in play? However, before I made that change, I wanted to ask the community: what am I missing? Is there something about this change that could potentially break the game? 

TL’DR: if I change from rolling 2d6+MOD to rolling the median value on 3d20+MOD, will anything in the game break?