A few months ago we shared some of the exploits of Azog, the Barbarian.

A few months ago we shared some of the exploits of Azog, the Barbarian.

A few months ago we shared some of the exploits of Azog, the Barbarian. Back then I mentioned that there was also an ongoing ‘Saga of Azog’. Well, here is the saga to date so I hope you enjoy……


Azog the outsider is want to ride ‘er,

But not want commitment, or often lay beside her.

Azog found some grog, the druid played a trick,

it backfired on the druid who was drenched in Azogs sick.

Brave brave Sir Azog, charged right into battle,

God in heaven help me, I’ve seen smarter cattle.

Azog in combat is not a pretty sight,

Rending foes with swings, slashing left and right,

Azog laughs as he kills, on into the night,

Watch when Azog charges, as foes run in fright.


We ventured on into the swamp, marching day and night,

We stopped upon an old temple, a place of ritual site,

The druid tracked the fabled beast, marked with red and yellow,

Azog charged into battle, yelling with a bellow,

Took a massive swing at it, to tickle at its side,

The beast merely thrashed and took it in stride,

Wrapped itself around Azogs chest, and went below the water,

I took this moment to run forward, and stumble to the slaughter,

Stuck in the muddy banks, I took a swing and hit,

My sword stuck in the beasts side, I went along with it,

Druid swooped from above, the beast took a bite,

Shapeshifted in mid crunch, ended that heads fight,

The other head snapped around, only to see Azog,

Azog took a swing at it while I watched eyes agog,

A mighty swing was all it took, the beast began to die,

and all through the swamp was heard a keening cry,

Dragged the head onto the shore, to scoop up blood and gore,

Azog stood there laughing, yelling out for more.

Took a head for a trophy, a glimmer in his eyes,

The druid scooped up a heart, for untold reasons wise,

Drifting down the river I picked up a large fang,

Freezes people like the cold and aches with a pang.

Azog made some sly remark, about my fighting spirit,

Fortunately I’m not worried, because he’s quite the dimwit.

We commenced the ritual, sigils daubed in blood,

Azog roamed around the site, pacing through the mud,

Goblins came from both sides, looking for a path,

Azog spotted their approach, let out a hearty laugh,

Yelled a warning to the plainsmen, alerting them to the danger,

While we uttered words of power, no words have sounded stranger,

The ritual site we had arranged, it then began to glow,

As phrases passed our lips, as words reached crescendo,

Azog then hit a goblin, his aim straight and true,

Removed an arm and his guts, they looked rather blue,

The plainsmen on the other side were matched and fighting through,

But Azog was now outnumbered, one was fighting two.

Azog got up close, and readied his large axe,

One Goblin then the other, fell to his attacks. 

For now Azog was left alone, and went to the plainsmens aid,

A spear snagged his necklace, the one that Azog made,

This drove Azog to a fury, to avenge that act,

And killed both Goblins who signed their own death pact,

The ritual reached it’s final point, as we uttered words of power,

Life appeared around the site, out came plants and flowers,

The village elder then sat up, gazing at the party,

We had never seen the elder looking quite so hearty,

Crix at this point took a spear, a blow to the head,

Velmis at first feared that his huntbrother may be dead,

Belantor changed into a beast, and charged into the fight,

And crushed two goblins beneath his bulk, stampeded by his might,

I sprang up to my feet, recovered from my daze,

And healed Azog of wounds, while turning a phrase,

Out of the night came a goblin size unseen,

Stepped on some other goblins, squashed into smithereens,

Closed the distance with incredible speed, for a monster quite so big,

Swung and snapped poor Azogs arm, snapped just like a twig.

Azog grunted with the pain, and swung back to cause some harm,

The blow connected cleanly, and took off the monsters arm.

I saw a moment to use the fang, to paralyze the beast,

I waited for the time to throw, our only hope at least,

My aim not the best, the throw just hit,

I hit his ear, bad aim the culprit.


Azog drunk and feeling spite, laid a turd in the night,

On the doorstep of the inn, innkeepers wife almost stepped in,

Chased away into the grass, Azog chose to drag his arse,

Smeared it all across the green, Azog eyes had an evil gleam,

Curses thrown amongst the faeces, Azog, a bad example of his species.


Azog swinging wild and free, yelling at his en-e-my,

If you choose to fight him, you best remember,

With a mighty swing, death caused by dismember.


We ventured to the tower, sited in a clearing,

As we got closer, danger ever nearing,

We encountered a bear, who didn’t really care,

The druid got funny and gave the bear some honey,

The bees went crazy as the druid was lazy,

As asking would be better as per the druid codes letter,